Influencing Movement

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  • When: 6/13/18
  • QIC: Bada Bing
  • The PAX: Wahoo, Inside Out, Outhouse, Yard Sale, Airbags (respect), Blackout (respect), Happy Feet, Full Monty (respect)

9 brogason’s unfartsacked themselves to find their center and align their minds to embrace uncomfortableness. As always, triple claps to Happy Feet for mosquito bombing AO (I gotta get me some of that stuff) and for Wahoo bringing the OFF spray. In fact, Wahoo was actually ready to Q broga as their may have been some logistical confusion as to when YHC would be leaving for the mountains. This, however, fit nicely into YHC’s overall message of the four capabilities of Effective Leadership to include Vision, Articulation, Persuasion and Movement. It is always nice to know that there is a backup plan in place if obstacles were to arise. Disclaimer was given, no FNGs and YHC kicks things off with a knowledge drop on proper breathing and focus. YHC uses a deep breathing technique called Ujjayi as a way to help calm the mind and the body while under intense stress. When practicing Ujjayi, you completely fill your lungs, while slightly contracting your throat, and breathe through your nose in order to calm the mind and influence movement. The PAX took to this technique nicely. Good to see some new faces like Blackout testing the waters with broga. 

So here is how it went down.


Mountain Pose Stretches >> Left side >> Right Side

Limp Member

Hamstring Stretch >> Limp Member to Forward Fold 5 times

Vinyasa practice. Downdog >> High Plank >> Low Plank >> Updog >> Downdog

Planks plus Peter Parker and Parker Peter holds for 5 breaths on each side

Low Lunge Stretch with Twisting Low Lunge on both sides

Seated Twists

Cat Cows with Alabama Ass Kickers (Tighten those glutes)

More Delay mechanisms and stretches that YHC can’t seem to recall as he was in some sort of meditative state free styling at this point 

The Thang

Warrior 1 practice 5 times on each side with a Vinyasa flow in between each one (Wake up if you aren’t already)

Once proper Warrior 1 alignment was achieved, we moved to Warrior 2, Reverse Warrior and Side Angle Practice (3 times on each side). Proper feet alignment with Hand and Knee positioning (Sweat flowing profusely at this point)

Triangle Pose on both sides plus Straddle forward fold followed by an Egyptian Pose on Toes. 

Impromptu Monkey Humpers and Pickle Pounders for passer by

Crescent Lunge Sequence on both sides to include Open Twists plus Prayer Twists. 

Chair Pose on Toes plus (good opportunity to use breathing technique)

Seated Butterfly Stretches plus Dragon Fly Stretches on both sides

Pigeon Stretches on both sides

Supine Twists and Lindsay Lohan


Leadership is Influencing Movement to Advantage. To do that Effectively, a man must Competently apply the Leadership Skills:

First, he must have Vision, which is the ability to recognize Advantage and the Movement required to achieve it. If he does not know where he is going and why, then he will not be able to Influence anyone else to follow him there.

Second, he must be capable of Articulation, which is the act of describing his Vision to others. People will not abandon their Status Quo for a superior position unless they understand where they are going.

Third, he possess the means of Persuasion, which is the initiation of first Movement. Despite their recognition that a Leader’s Vision is Advantageous, human nature is to cling to the Status Quo even it is inferior. Through Persuasion, a Leader convinces people to begin Movement and gain Momentum.

Fourth, because Movement produces uncontrollable circumstances, the Leader knows that Obstacles (Problems that impede Movement) will inevitably arise. An Effective Leader is ready to use Exhortation to incentivize his followers to breach Obstacles and maintain Momentum toward Advantage.

Advantage is a superior circumstance achieved by Movement. For any Group to Prosper it must be in a constant state of Advantage-seeking. If it isn’t, then it is sliding toward Disadvantage, which is an inferior circumstance caused by Inertia

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