Get a Grip!

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  • When: 02/22/2018
  • QIC: PomPom
  • The PAX: Bada Bing, Mad Hatter, Zamboni (Respect), Tinkle, Gambler, Dollar Bill, Gizzard, Airbags (Respect), Slash (Respect), Happy Feet, Check Please, Cornhole, Squeege (Respect), Mr. Clean (Respect)

YHC is awakened by a dreaming Jack Russell at 4:20. It is Q Day, so no going back to sleep. Good thing he did because Full Monty put out a distress call the night before that he was sick and could not bring the Shovel Flag in the morning. YHC drove across Nocatee and back through a thin layer of eerily calm fog cloud. Boomtown is completely shutdown. Grip


ONLY 30 Side Straddle Hops.  Was that bellyaching I heard by going over 20?

Considering the number of recent injuries (myself included) and the rising awareness of how grip strength will factor in the looming Spartan YHC opted for a lower impact workout that met both needs.

THE THANG: Get a Grip

It is just under 1/2 mile to the Nocatee Monument.  PAX paired up and each duo was get two 25lb Sandbags and 1 40+lb Sandbag.

WEIGHTED FARMERS’ WALK to the wall while taking turns carrying the 2 bags by Gripping the top of the bag.  Once forearms and grip met muscle failure switch with your partner.

Along the way we made to 2 pit stops for Core.
Stop 1: Alphabet Soup (On your six Spell the alphabet)  Stop 2: 20 Box Cutters
Still in pairs.  Partner 1 would take turns dead hanging on a short wall while partner 2 was working on team combined reps of 100 Bobby Hurleys, Alphabet Soup x2, & 100 High Steps (step up on 3′ wall).  Plank til the six is in.
WEIGHTED FARMERS’ WALK back to the Flag alternating Sandbags burn what little grip & Bicep strength you have left.
NOTE: There is a lot of opportunity for workout on the wall and Moseying to and from will make up a lot of time to extend future beat downs.
(Original plan was to work on the top ledge of the 10′ wall, but when you factored the additional 3′ recess YHC decided to work the lower edge.  The Lower Ledge of this wall was only about 5′ high forcing the pax to bend their knees and push center of gravity away from the wall.  Exponentially tougher for the Big and Tall.  This made a simple dead hang pretty more like torture as biceps and forearm were nearly catching fire.)


Prayers for Squeege’s budy who just received a pace maker, Gizzard’s daughter who is facing reconstructive surgery after a fall , and Cornhole’s wife who is having knee surgery.
Quote of the day:
“When your values are clear your decisions are easy.” In life and in business trust your gut.
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