Bing’s Blocks

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  • When: 02/24/18
  • QIC: Bing
  • The PAX: Skim, PUD, Lifo, Toxic (double/triple/quintuple respect), Xenu (respect?), Boucher, Drone, Bing

8 Pax got out of the fartsack this morning and chose to post and play with Bing’s Blocks this morning. All PAX were advised to bring a CMU block. Luckily Xenu has extras since not all pax are on social media.


Tubthumpin – Burpees and SSH
Micheal Phelps – 15IC
Skaters(Bing favorite)- 15 OYO
Colt 45 – 15 bottom half curls, 15 top half curls, 15 full range curls

The THANG (Bing’s Blocks)

PAX paired up with someone with somewhat equal fitness level. The pairs were advised that were we doing BOMBS. As a pair they had to complete.
Overhead clasp-100
Big Boy situp-200

The PAX were then advised that this was a different kind of BOMBS. This is called Tortoise and Hare and Hare BOMBS. Each PAX does 5/10/15/20/25 (not all at once). One person exercises while the other starts a slow mosey carrying coupon. They then run to catch up to the slow mosey adn switch. Each person will do 5 sets of each exercise.
PAX were able to complete with a few minutes to spare so we..
chest press-20(?) OYO
Shoulder to Shoulder-Start with block on one shoulder lift overhead (1) to other shoulder (2)to overhead (3)back to starting shoulder completing 1 rep. Pax did 9 IC Blocks


Continued prayers for Drone’s M for healing, OTC and any others needing healing. Prayers for Toxic’s 2.0 who lost her job. Prayers for Xenu’s 2.0 traveling. Also please pray for YHC’s eldest 2.0 dealing with some issues at school.

Heisenberg talked last week about the power of 1 and YHC wanted to expound upon that. All of us are going through something currently or have gone through some stuff. Please reach out to your brothers. We are here for each other, and there is a good chance that at least one person is dealing with what you are dealing with. YHC is currently reading Freed to Lead written by the founders of F3. Something YHC read this week was:

“One constant theme in the Ball of Man is the importance of sharpening each other, as Iron sharpens Iron. Thus, we often seek help being better husbands, fathers, sons, uncles, bosses, and employees; all the things men are called to be. The Third F is a realization that just being those things is hard enough without trying to be them without help. More that that, it is a surrender to this idea: an insistence upon going it alone is not noble; it is selfish and prideful. The people who depend upon us to be those things that a man must be are more important than we are. WE ARE NOT FIRST. If we need help (and we know we all do, each of us) then we owe it to them to seek and accept help. That help is the essence of the Third F. It has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with love.”(Dredd and OBT, p.111-112)

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