Run Badlands Run…Then Run some More!

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  • When: 2/27/18
  • QIC: MadHatter
  • The PAX: Snaggle, Mr. Freeze, Zamboni, McDreamy, Skim, Full Monty, gambler, KO, Airbags, Kramer, Kastanza, Squeege, Bada Bing, Madhatter

5:30 the welcome and “not a professional” was stated.  No FNG?  Perfect…Lets Mosey at 5:30:25 Run

The Thang (Run)

Gentle mosey around parking lot to a wonderful stretch I learned was called “limp member”.  Man I love F3! Keep Running!

Ended up at the baseball stands where PAX had to hang for 60 seconds then 10 merkins, rinse and repeat one more time. Keep Running!

At the soccer field I gave a Gettysburg like address that on Sunday with SandCrab I realized that running is really stupid but it truly tests your commitment and character.  We ran 7 miles with small goals of distance and it helped me not to quit.  With Pax spread on sideline of field, run across and back to a burpee, rinse and repeat five times.  LBC’s till the six was in.  Keep Running!  Stopped near flag pole for a 10 count that lasted only to 5…Keep Running!

Goal today was keep together and never let the six fall too far back, be a team and run as a team!

Running continued out of davis park to corner and with our partner ran suicide sprints on sidewalk to a plank as the rest of the PAX completed.  Keep Running.  Down the Nocatee Parkway past the bridge stopping with LBC’s till six back and Keep running!  Stopped at corner for merkins then got a 1 count and Kept Running!

PAX ran back to flagpole with a tiny circle run around flag till six in.  Wow what a great workout.  Let them know that today was encouraging and there is just a few words I had to say…Lets Keep Running!  So off we ran back to the baseball field stands.  With partners, a hanging competition.  The Loser, 20 Merkins, The Winner, 10 Monkey Humpers!  But we are all winners (per McDreamy) so after your exercise, partner switched till done.  When six done…Keep Running!

Finished with a run from baseball field to soccer parking lot and then to flagpole finishing as a PAX!

Last exercise was a plank patty cake with a partner spelling out “I LOVE MADHATTER!


Final message was at the beginning of 2018 we all set goals and quotas or whatever and in reality most (not all) but most have failed in something.  I personally have struggled with food.  Daily challenge for me to make good decisions and it is so hard to eat right.  But as in sales, most of us have a quarterly quota and March is the last month of the first quota.  So regroup, be honest with your challenges and work hard to be better.  Not strong enough???  Find an F3 partner and ask!

Thanks to everyone for being patient with my Q and I know I am not a very clean simple minded leader but love me despite…oh and KEEP RUNNING!

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