Badlands BPM Beatdown

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  • When: 03/01/2018
  • QIC: Squeege
  • The PAX: Seinfeld, Full Monty (respect), Snaggle, Gizzard, Snookie, Kramer, Mr. Freeze (respect), Zamboni (respect), Outhouse and Rimshot

Seems like everyone thought I was going to have running workout like Tuesday. Focus today was get heart rate up and keep it up and  that everyone had to workout as 1 group and stay together. The only motivational speech needed today was for the Fartsackers who didn’t show up. It was a very mild impact workout with a good warm-up, multiple sets with short rests and cool-down similar to the warm-up. beatdown

Warm-Ups                                        Qty.               5:30

Combos: Michael Phelps/ Tag Grabs                       10

Side Straddle Hops                                                         20

Little Baby Arm Circles:  Forward                            10

                                                  Backwards                       10

Limp Members                                                                  20secs

LBC’s                                                                                     50

Mosey to Baseball Field Bleachers

(Chest and Arms)

Merkins          10 secs between sets                        20/20/20

Arm Presses    10 secs between sets                     20/20/20

(Back and Abs)

Supermans     10 secs between sets                       10/10/10

LBC’s               10 secs between sets                        50/50/50

Limp Member                                                               20secs


Skaters            10 secs between sets                      30sec/30secs/30secs

Box Steps        10 secs between sets                      10/15/20 (each leg)

LBC’s                                                                               50

Mosey over Fences back to Flag (slight detour for Po Po)

Cool Down

Inclined Pickle Pounders                                         15

Michael Phelps                                                            15

Side Straddle Hops                                                    20

Little Baby Arm Circles                                            10 each direction

Monkey Humpers                                                       10                   

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