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  • When: 02/26/2018
  • The PAX: Mr.Freeze(FNG), TheBoyWonder, Airbags, MadHatter, FullMonty(respect), DollarBill, Seinfeld, Gizzard, Skim, Snooky, HappyFeet, CheckPlease, Zamboni(respect), Kramer, Squeege(respect), MrClean(respect), Bada Bing, PomPom, SandCrab(respect),RimShot


It was a beautiful, crisp and unusually warm morning for the Opening ceremonies of the Badland Olympics. 21 Men Posted with high hopes of receiving a medal for their gallant efforts and a complete beat down they were  about to endure.  The USA received 23 total Medals in this years Winter Olympics consisting of 9 Gold, 8 Silver and 6 Bronze. This would be very useful and valuable information for the Pax to know.

Warm UP

Michael Phelps x 23

BAC FWD x 23 (DNR)


Mosey around parking lot for the introduction of the BADLANDS Bobsleigh (BB)!

The Thang

A four man Bobsleigh with Participants weigh’s in at approximately 1,400 pounds.  The Cadillac Escalade with one Driver weighs in at 6,000 pounds.

YHC broke the Pax into 5 teams of 4.  Each team would push the  BB 200 yards switching driver position every 50 yards.  The remaining pax would perform 50 yard suicides with Burpees.  Once stopped at the first parking lot –

O – OPP (overhead claps/Plank Jacks/Peter Parkers) x 23 each

L – Lunges (POM POM) x 23

Mosey back to BB and team 2 takes over while PAX performs burpee suicides to next parking lot.

Y- BADA BING Supermans (couldn’t find exercise I liked with Y so based this one on recent pic posting) x 23

M- Merkins x 23

P – Patty Cake Merkins x 23

I – Irkins x 23

C – Clerkins x 23 (at this point probably should have audibled but what the heck)

S – Squat Jumps x23

Time is running short, but Badlanders only take home the GOLD.  Mosey to football field where BB teams perform group exercise.  P1 – Balls to the Wall, P2 – LBCs, P3 – Dips, P4 – runs across the field for 9 squats and runs back to relieve the rest of the team.  Switch and repeat until all team members have competed all 4 exercises.

Teams 3 and 4 double time back with BB.  Remaining pax can return to the flag any way except running forward.


There were no announcements and FNG Mr Freeze was introduced.

It was a uniquely different Q but I thoroughly enjoyed watching the utter chaos occur as the BADLANDERS fought for GOLD.


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