Playtime or Paytime With Pud?

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  • When: 03/06/2018
  • QIC: PUD
  • The PAX: Feud, Lifo, S.O.C, Synapse, Boucher, GMO, Farrah & Farrah, Xenu, Heisenberg, Big Bird, Twister, Toxic, Seatdown, Barker, Mathlete,

While sitting at work around 9:30 at night, suddenly QIC’s eyes widened as he realized that he’d not prepared the workout for AntHill. Good thing he has multiple rough drafts of workouts at his fingertips. He quickly pulled together a very simple workout that would certainly be loved by all Pax who opted not to Fartsack! So it began…Paytime

* 10 SSH – IC
* 10 Don Quixote – IC
* 10 Reachers – IC
* 10 LBAC Forward
* 10 LBAC Backwards

Feeling that was enough of a warm up, we moseyed to the Lamppost with nothing but an open field in front of us… The temperature was just right… gloomy conditions were ideal… Then we moved onto…


* Walking lunge – Slow lunge, knee down! Big Bird provided a demonstration as QIC always get aggravated by half-ass, pansy lunges where the occasional Pax (I’m sure unknowingly) performs a lunge with poor form as if it’s a race. Slow & steady gents! Once we reached the end we knocked out…

*25 burpees, then we had to head back to the other end of the field to rinse & repeat!

* Walking lunge back, Good form was in Fashion… T-Claps for all Pax!

* 25 burpess

* Sprint – There

* 25 Burpees – Hero Burpees on this one… once we had 3 hit the 25, we moved on as long as each Pax knocked out at least 15

* Sprint Back

* 25 burpees – Hero Burpees – Thanks to all of you fast finishers! You know who you are…

* 50 squats – Just because… Then

* Run There to begin sets of 100 / 75 / 50 / 25

* 100 reps: Sit-ups & Flutter kicks (counting 1 leg)

* Run Back

* 75 reps: Sit-ups & Flutter kicks


* 50 reps: Sit-ups & Flutter kicks

* Run

* 25 reps: Sit-ups & Flutter kicks

At this point, we ran out of time… QIC had planned to Finish with 4 Rounds of 50 Merkins & 50 Crunches… Maybe next time we will all be a little faster & we can include those in the PayTime!

COOL DOWN: Walk to the Virtual Flag…

COT: Prayers for Feud travels, Big Bird on upcoming Big life decisions, Snuffy & Snuffy’s M for safe travels, Heisenberg just because, Bing for upcoming interview #3, S.O.C for his tweaked back, PUD for calf to heal up enough to knock out the 9.3 #GateRiverRun. Welcome back Professional Traveler Xenu!

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