Who Are You?

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  • When: 03/22/2018
  • QIC: Slash
  • The PAX: McDreamy (respect), Outhouse (did someone, cough, McD, really say “no respect”?!), Rim Shot, Half Moon (FNG), Shemp, Full Monty (respect), Mad Hatter, Check Please (still YHC’s favorite name), Seinfeld, Osteen, Yard Sale, Snookie, Harvey, Zamboni (respect), Bullwinkle, Pixar, Inside Out, Air Bags (respect), Bada Bing.


  • Theme: 40th Anniversary of “Who Are You” – a classic classic-rock exercise in self-reflection.
  • 1 FNG
  • Disclaimer
  • Pre-mature counterama


  • Pete Townshends – initially to be OYO but after some mumblechatter, why not – in cadence!
  • Michael Phelps – IC
  • Cotton pickers – IC
  • Hillbilly — IC
  • Side straddle hops – IC, starting slooow, prompting some critique among the Pax (not without merit) and then rapid (a harbinger of things to come).

YHC was delighted to see that after several months of being out on the IR, the Pax has retained a firm grasp on its ability to perform the most basic of warm-up exercises out of sync!  Then again, this is a group that appears to enjoy its classic rock, so why would we want to be (wait for it). . . N Sync? (Putrid pun referring to the 1990s boy band, popular before some of the Pax was out of elementary school.)

The Thang (Who Are You?)

Partner up, grab a sandbag.

Farmer’s Walk / Burpees. P1 speed walks around perimeter of the parking lot with both bags hanging at his side, working on grip strength. P2 does seven burpees, then runs to catch his partner. Switch, with the partner giving up the bags dropping for seven burpees. Keep chasing / switching until you and your partner have moved the bags 2x around the parking lot.  Move to ball field, plank for the six.

Merkins / Squats: No partners. Count off 1 to 4, 1s to first base, 2s to second base, and so on. Starting at your base, drop for 40 merkins, then execute 40 squats. Run to the next base, 30 merkins, 30 squats.  Run to the next base, 20 and 20, then to the last base, 10 and 10. Focus on your merkins. Who are you? Are you the guy who does a push-up where the elbows barely bend and that counts as a rep, or does your face nearly touch the dirt? Plank for the six.

Bear Crawl / Rapid SSHs: Spread out evenly among bases.  Start with 30 fast SSH. Bear crawl to next base.  Stop, stand and execute another 30 fast SSH. Repeat sequence until exercises performed at all four bases.  Plank for the six.

The Sarah / Weighted LBCs: Partner up. The Sarah is named in honor Snaggle’s M, a physical terrorist / therapist (by her own admission) who has helped several aging, rickety Pax, YHC included, rehab back to the glory of their youth, or perhaps to the glory of their late 40s.  The Sarah: P1 holds bag to chest, squats, and side shuffles to the left from home plate to first base, then returns, always facing forward, squatted low, chest upright. Who are you?  Are you the guy who sinks into the squat, or are you half-assing it – literally – with your squat as you shuffle across the lot?  Modify if needed by dropping the sandbag; don’t compromise the integrity of your shuffle / squat form. P2, meanwhile, is on his six, sandbag on chest, doing LBCs. Switch places. Repeat until each partner completes two Sarahs.  Back to the flagpole.



Namerama – welcome Half Moon!

Closing thoughts: The song “Who Are You” is something (though not entirely) an exercise in self-reflection. Self-reflection is important; when done candidly, it’s how we determine what to work on, how we can improve. But ultimately, self-reflection is not enough; we are our choices, both in thought and action. Pete Townshend took an admirably unflinching look at himself when he wrote that song, likening himself in one stanza to a “sewer hole,” but there was no follow-through and no discipline – he continued to do drugs, abuse alcohol, fell into pornography, and ultimately his marriage failed.  Pete Townshend is a lot of things – a genius, a gifted musician, but he’s also a sad clown. He could’ve used F3! Reflect on who you are, the good and the bad; think about what you need to do to be a better man (cue: Pearl Jam); and follow through on it, be disciplined in your thoughts and actions. You may ultimately come to reflect the title of another Townshend track – “The Real Me.”

Prayers for a flu-stricken Squeege, those on IR, victims in Austin.

Thanks for the opportunity to work out with you all, it’s always a pleasure.

Who Are You?

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