A Badlands Salute to the TPC Volunteers

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  • When: 05/10/2018
  • QIC: Slash
  • The PAX: McDreamy (respect), The Outhouse, Full Monty (respect for him and his remarkable recuperative powers), Fruit of the Loom, Inside Out, Mr Yuck, Check Please!, Peg, Dolla Bill, Mr. Clean (so close to double respect), Tinkle, Rimshot, Happy Feet, Zamboni (respect), Kramer, Yard Sale.

It’s TPC week and the Badlands area of operation has been invaded by tournament volunteers parking at Davis Park.  YHC appreciates all that these folks do to make this great event happen, so it was only fitting that as the seemingly endless line of cars streamed by us during our warm-up mosey that we allowed our appreciation to manifest in the form of a minute or so of monkey humpers, with the business end of said humper facing the road.  Salute!

YHC realizes that we usually save mumblechatter highlights for the end of the backblasts, but this is too good to wait.  The commentary speaks for itself:

McDreamy (explaining a recent absence from the gloom workouts): “I was in Charlotte.”

Zamboni (without missing a beat): “Who’s Charlotte?!”

Oh my… Welcome back Zamboner!  On to the workout…

Warm-up / Brocrastination:

  • No FNGs
  • Mosey (some grumblechatter about not starting off with SSHs or some other exercise, but for the record, this was a gentle mosey)
  • Mosey interrupted by the aforementioned Monkey Humper Salute to TPC Volunteers
  • Circle up: Michael Phelps, Hillbilly, Little Baby Arm Circles, Downward Dog (walk that dog!)
  • Another mosey with strides and power skips (okay, we can dress it up with any adjective we’d like, but YHC concedes that there’s really no way to even remotely cast “skips” in any sort of masculine light…)

The Thang:

Onto the football field.  Line up parallel to the goal posts.

  • Amended Suicides
    • Run to the first set of sand bags, 20 merkins. Run back to goal line, 20 LBCs.  Run to next set of bags, 40 merkins.  Run back, 40 LBCs.  Run to far sand bags, 60 merkins.  Run back, 60 LBCs. Plank while waiting for the six.
    • Repeat above, with monkey humpers, 20, 30, 40 reps and hello dollys, 20, 30, 40 as well. Plank while waiting for the six.
    • Divide up into groups of three, each group head to a bag. Face the parking lot. Each person in each group does 10 squat thrusts with a bag; other members plank while waiting on their turn with the bag.  When everyone has done 10 squat thrusts, bear crawl to the next bag, always facing the parking lot on your bear crawl.  Stop after four bags.

Run over to the wall (tennis wall? lacrosse wall? it’s obviously a balls to the wall wall!)

  • Wall Work: Divide into two groups; group 1 does rapid SSH, while group 2 does wall excercise.  Switch every minute.  Wall exercises:
    • Balls to the Wall
    • Wall Sit Snow Angel – try to keep the arms against the wall, a good and challenging stretch
  • Indian Run back to flag.


  • Tinkle’s performance at the ballgame 6/2.  He gave us a preview — “Oh.”  You’ll have to go to hear more!
  • Prayers for those on IR.  Seinfeld, you are missed, brother!
  • YHC shared this is the 31st anniversary of the sudden passing of the M’s father.  She saw him the night before at the sink, washing dishes, she meant to say goodnight to him and give him a hug, but got distracted and went to bed without doing so.  The next day, that morning, the phone rang, and it was a hospital telling her he had suffered a heart attack and was found dead in his car, which had run off the road into the woods. She lives with the regret of not having hugged him that last night.  It’s cliche but it’s true:  Life is fragile and nothing is given.  Let your loved ones know you love them.


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