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  • When: 5/17/2018
  • QIC: Dollar Bill
  • The PAX: Mr. Yuck, Cornhole, Yard Sale, Inside Out, FNG (Boucher), Rimshot, Kramer, Airbags (respect), Outhouse, Osteen, Zeebra

YHC arrived in the Badlands for his second Q of the week. He surveyed the puddles and decided to push the PAX through the puddles. The weather was muggy with 100% humidity. Mumblechatter consisted of injuries and of the FNG (Mike Ryan) who runs 12 miles a day. YHC would soon find out the FNG’s stamina and speed in Catch Me If You Can. YHC posed the following the question: In what ways can you be a better leader (family, community, work)?


10 SSH
10 Little Baby Arm Circles – Forward and Backward
10 Michael Phelps
10 Monkey Humpers
10 Burpees

THANG: (Leader)

Mosey to Baseball Diamond- One minute of big boy sit-ups and then one minute of Merkins.

3 Sets of 20 Merkins, 40 LBCs and 60 Squats. Run and scale fence after each set.

Mosey to Bear Crawl Way– Bear Crawl and then lunges.

Bench Work: 3 sets of 10 dips, 10 incline Merkins and 10 decline Merkins. 30 second hang from bar after each set.

Bear Crawl and Mosey to parking lot.

Catch me if you can! Partner up. First partner performs 5 Burpees and then sprints to second partner, who is running backward, and then partners switch until destination is reached. Rinse and Repeat except 5 Diamond Merkins instead of Burpees .

Mosey to flagpole.


PAX gathers around flagpole. YHC reminds PAX of F2 lunch gathering tomorrow in PVB at Zoes Kitchen. Several PAX repeat YHC’s announcement. FNG (Mike Ryan) explained to PAX that he spent many years in the NFL as a trainer. After retelling an embarrassing moment at Foxsborough, he was appropriately given the F3 name Boucher (a French football player and coach with Toulouse FC OR Adam Sandler’s character in Waterboy)

YHC returned to the question posed at the outset and encouraged the PAX with the fundamental belief that we all are equipped with leadership skills, to discovery those skills and to use them today. Prayers requested and offered. Prayed for those on IR, those traveling to Mud Run and Madhatter’s recovery.


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