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  • When: 06/06/2018
  • QIC: McDreamysan
  • The PAX: Airbags, Full Monty, Gravy, Pom Pom, Squeege, Happy Feet, Outhouse

Uniting in the bug- enriched gloom of  our Badlands abode, 7 men arose to renew and refocus through a Brogafest. Unfortunately, Brogamaster Bada Bing was MIA (on a much deserved respite in Boston). YHC, having limited yoga knowledge and even less flexibility, offered to lead the event. In preparation, he sought  the way of the Mystics (aka Google) and learned that yoga is Sanskrit word for UNION of body, mind and spirit. It’s derived from the term yuj, which gives us the word yoke—meaning attached or joined. In this way, the mind and body are joined together in the practice of yoga. Being in the moment is central to this effort, as is focused breathing in association with each movement. YHC recognized that F3 is also about the unity of body (first F), mind (second F), and spirit (third F).  YHC noted that the Pax were duly impressed with his newly found enlightenment (in actuality hearing, “blah, blah, blah”, and hoping that he’d get things underway). 

The Thang

Sequence 1—5x

  • Mountain (Breathing only)
  • Tall mountain

Sequence 2—5x

  • Sequence 1, adding
  • Forward fold
  • Flatback
  • Forward fold
  • Tall mountain
  • Mountain

Sequence 3 (Sun salutations; 5x)

  • Mountain
  • Tall Mountain
  • Forward fold
  • Flat back
  • Rt foot first—plank
  • Lower slowly—to chin, chest, knees
  • Up Dog
  • Down Dog
  • Step to forward fold

Sequence 4 (spinal twist)

  • Mountain
  • Tall Mountain
  • Angry chair pose
  • Revolved chair (both sides)

Sequence 5 (Standing balance; tree pose into warrior 3; both legs)

(Shake it out)

Sequence 6 (standing poses; both sides)

  • Mountain
  • Tall mountain
  • Warrior 1
  • Warrior 2
  • Reverse warrior
  • Side angle

Sequence 7 (to mat)

  • Staff pose– reach to sky—hands to shins
  • Spread legs—head to knees, L/R
  • Cobbler
  • Table
    • Cat
    • Cow
    • Thread the needle
  • Childs pose
  • Plank
    • Center body stretch
    • Pidgeon
  • Supine twist; L/R
  • Chavashina (Corpse pose)

BOM—Broga is the oneness of F3 things—body, mind, spirit; a wholeness. This is another term for integrity. Are we men of integrity, of transparency? Do we practice what we preach to others? Can they look into the details of our lives and appreciate the view?

CR/ NR (YHC deferred prayers and announcements as time drew to a close)

Peace Out–




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