Cruisin’ w Coupons

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  • When: 06/07/2018
  • QIC: PUD
  • The PAX: Toxic, Feud, Lifo, Heisenberg, Seatdown, Snuffy, Big Bird, The Barry Shinkoff

9 Pax showed and we’re  not intimidated by the Pre-Blast.  Either the workout looked harder on paper or F3 Jax Pax are just getting in better shape!  Virtual hat tip to Seatdown doing his Pyro impersonation (Tribute)!
Virtual Flag planted at 5:25am. 5 minute warning called. Pax shuffled to choose their coupon of choice. Thanks to the Pax that brought extra for sharing. 1 minute callled.
Mosey to gazebo to drop off coupons. Mosey to field to circle up.
  • 158 SSH- OYO (What Day is it?  June 7th… the 158 day of the year!)
  • 10 Reachers- IC
  • 10 Merkins- IC
  • 10 Toy Soldiers- IC
  • 10 Reverse Lunge Reachbacks- OYO (Stand Tall, arms at side, lunge back w R leg, as you do so swing both arms overhead & to the left. Return to starting position, lunge back w L leg, as you do so, swing arms overhead & to the Right)
  • Mosey to Gazebo to collect coupons
  • 12 Dumbbell Clean to Shoulder Press(Set weights on ground, just over shoulder width apart, squat down & grab them, explosively pull the dumbbells off the floor to shoulders & squat beneath them.  Stand & press weights overhead.  Set the weights back on the ground.  That’s 1… Now Rinse & Repeat)
  • Plank for 6, then 10 count, then
  • 12 More Dumbbell Clean to Shoulder Press
  • Farmer’s Walk from Gazebo along the sidewalk until you reach the sidewalk across from the Gazebo, Then… Immediately…
  • Drop to the ground w hands on dumbbells, do as many Merkins as you can while maintaining good form… don’t cheat yourself… don’t do some pathetic merkin that’d make your grandpa puke.
  • Raise one Dumbbell directly overhead while the other is held in curl position directly in front of your body by your belly button… Walk Across field to Gazebo, then
  • Change arms and Repeat the above. then… (This was easier than expected, perhaps we should have done it a few more times)
  • 12 Renegade Row to Plank Raise (Assume Merkin Position, hands on Dumbbells.  Pull the Right Dumbbell to your Right hip, lower it, then repeat w Left Dumbbell.  NOW, lift the Right Dumbbell, rotating your hips to the right until you are in a side plank.  Your Right arm should be straight up.  Repeat on the Left side… That’s 1 Rep… Do 11 more.
  • Mosey or Walk swiftly w dumbbells overhead to the playground, place dumbbells on the ground… then…
  • 30 Seconds of 180 Degree Burpees
  • 12 WWI Sit up to Press(If you have to ask, I’ll smack you w an open hand… just in case… on your 6, hold dumbbell at your ears, do a sit up while keeping dumbbells in place, press them overhead when you sit up, lower them back down to your chest, then SLOWLY lie back down and Repeat 11 more times). This sucked w 20lbs after the third round!
  • 30 Seconds of Chin up to Knee Tucks(Dead Hang from Pull up Bar, hands should be shoulder width apart w underhand grip.  Pull your chest to the bar… Yes, your chin should be over the bar. PAUSE AT TOP, then lower yourself back down.  While in dead hang postion, bring your knees to your chest, lower your knees, that’s one rep… Repeat
  • 10 Count… Catch your Breath… Mumble Chatter… Make Excuses… Then REPEAT… we were going to do 4 rounds but stopped at 3.
  • 30 Second of 180 Burpees
  • 12 WWI Sit Up to Press
  • 30 Seconds of Chin Up to Knee Tucks… Thats Round 2… Repeat
  • 10 Burpees to Honor the train
  • 180 Burpees / WWI w Press / CUKT’s
  • Mosey w Dumbbells by side – Farmers Walk… (instead of overhead) to the Gazebo
  • 12 Weighted Step up’s w Shoulder Pressat the top… counting 1 leg (1,1, 2, 2, etc… )
  • 12 Box Thrusters(Hold dumbbells in front of your shoulders, sit on bench, in one movement, drive your heels into the floor and stand up as you explosively press the dumbbells above your head.  Lower the dumbbells back and repeat.
  • Repeat the above – 12 WSUp’s + 12 BT’s
  • 50 SSH’s – Heisenberg thankfully questioned what day it was & reminded me it was the 158th day of the year. So…
  • 50 More SSH’s, 10 count
  • 58 More SSH’s
  • Fist bumps & Ata-boys were distributed as we took out short walk to the Virtual Flag.


  • Lifo – Safe Travels to Atlanta
  • The Barry S – Friend recovering from stoke. Additional prayers for his M.
  • Ashley & OTC
  • Courtney & Drone
  • Any unspoken prayers that weighed on our hearts…

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