Killer 100’s & The Key Search

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  • When: 10/06/2018
  • QIC: PUD
  • The PAX: Toxic, Septum, D-Nice

After tossing & turning the night before, battling a cold that might slow Jocko down & skipping the Dolly run, YHC rolled up to Metro Park with the Flag.  Thinking perhaps he’d pawn it off on BigBird to return home to the comfort of his bed.  The best laid plans…. “The Bird” posted for a solo Dolly but had to return to the homestead to assist with family obligations.  That said, having signed up for the Q and seeing no one to hand the flag off to, the flag was planted and a cinder block, cones and an extra long tape measure was pulled from his trunk to prep the field for an F3 Jacksonville, FREE Mens Workout!
Toxic generally posts early & today was no exception.  He was there doing a bit of an unusual warm up as it appeared to was wandering aimlessly among the trees.  Wandering….
Then thankfully, Septum and D-nice rolled up (carpooling, saving the earth one passenger at a time).  After the standard F3 disclaimer with an additional disclaimer and discussion of where the nearest hospital was in case YHC fell out we began with… THE KILLER 100’s!
5 exercises, 100 reps of each!  Buckle Up!
  • 25 SSH – IC
  • 30 second Side Jumps – bounce side to side. Like a boxer, shake out arms
  • 30 second Alternating Knee to Elbow
  • 30 second Butt Kickers
  • 15 Reachers – IC
THE THANG: 100’s
  • 100 – Squat punch (50 punches to the right and 50 to the left). Deep squat, core tight, shoulders back.  Mumble chatter w D-Nice about his thighs burning… Septum was steady at work w a grimacing gaze.
  • 100 Yard Sprint (50 yds there, 50 back)
  • 100 Burpees with jab-cross punches at the top. Pax were encouraged to punch like they meant it… like they’re trying to knock someones block off.  The punches began like a scene of “Fist of Fury” but by the end looked like a bunch of Power Puffs throwing love taps!
  • 100 Yard Sprint (50 yds there, 50 back).  By Round two of the run, the 1st 50 was a “gentlemen run” but the return was a “Jail Break” with Septum edging the Pax for the Victory.
  • Cross jacks with chest press arms. Cross feet w jump, jump in then jump out. Keep elbows up, parallel to they floor, squeeze together, focus on chest w squeeze.
  • 100 Yard Sprint (50 yds there, 50 back)
  • Alternating squat kicks. Hands in fighting stance, squat & kick w right leg, squat & kick left leg (directly in front of you – like  you’re kicking a football or you’re kicking someone in their “Balls of Steel”)
  • Merkins
    • 25 wide arms,
    • 25 normal,
    • 25 diamond, then
    • hold plank last 25 seconds
  • 100 Yard Sprint (50 yds there, 50 back)
  • One Down+Two Up – On 6, Both legs in air, Right leg down, then up. When RL comes up, push “Heels to the Heavens”, both feet push up, behind off ground, change legs – 1 Min
  •  Low Plank High Plank Mountain Climbers – 30 sec Low, 30 sec High
  • Hands Free Knee Tuck – Sitting on buttocks, Balance, pull knees to chest – 1 Min (More or less like the Crunchy Frog)
  • Starfish Crunch – On 6, Hands out, legs out, shoulders & legs off ground, lean up w left hand reaching for right leg, change sides & Repeat – 1 Min (Hands at 2 & 10, Feet at 4 & 8)
  • LBC’s – 💯 100



As we finished up and walked over the the flag for the COT, Toxic announced that his keys were missing.  Apparently he’d placed them by “a tree” and covered them up with “St Augustine” grass.  Unfortunately, not recalling which tree he’d “hidden” them by, the Pax combed the tree line, looking under leaves, trees, in the bushes, dragging feet to kick up anything we could.  Septum lead the charge with cleaning up the park as he swept up unsightly trash left by what was surely some *#@#-Head Punk (not the words of Septum) who clearly has no care for the incredible beauty created by God and the wonderful park maintained by the Jacksonville Parks and Recreations Department.  After about 20 minutes of combing the area, we unfortunately came up empty.  YHC suggested that he purchase a “Tile Tracker”  as this might help should his keys go missing again.  There was also discussion of “Toxic Protocol” that would required visual confirmation by one Pax prior to Toxic “hiding” his keys.   After realizing the search was in vein, YHC gave Toxic a ride home.  Did he ever find his keys?  You’ll need to call or text him to see as he won’t be posting a message on Slack any time soon!



Finished up with a brief prayer which wasn’t much of a circle as YHC kept his distance in an attempt not to spread any germs.


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