Fast Feet

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  • When: 11/07/18
  • QIC: Bada Bing
  • The PAX: Yard Sale (respect), Inside Out, Outhouse, Check Please, Pom Pom, Gravy, Airbags (respect)

“You either win or you learn. You only lose if you quit!” This was the theme of the day. 8 PAX posted for the new Broga aka Bada’s Bootcamp Beatdown in the gloomy Goodlands of the Badlands. Obviously yesterday was an important day…Taco Tuesday of course…Oh and Election Day thus lots of post-election day mummblechatter. First order of operation happened the night before with a challenge to all PAX who wanted to burn some serious calories. Second, was to arrive early to prepare beatdown site for said caloric fat burning session. PAX arrive around flagpole, disclaimer was given and warm…wait, no warmup. That’s right, YHC had the PAX mosey to the very back of Davis Park’s last parking lot with lots of fun running styles along the way. Now that the PAX are sufficiently warmed up, we can begin the actual warmup. But wait, what if someone shows up late? How will they find us? Great question; apparently Inside Out had the answer and followed our scent because somehow he made his way to our warmup circle without directions (albeit forcing a 5 burpee penalty for the PAX). All good fun as we were already sweaty 5 minutes into this thing and YHC was hoping for an even number of PAX. 


10 Hillbilly IC
10 Chinook Squat IC
10 Michael Phelps IC
10 Toy soldier IC
10 Mountain climbers IC

The Thang

Mosey to Turf Field for Prison Prism where YHC had set up a Triangle of Death made of LED lights. 

Each light was a different exercise in decending order with lunges in between lights starting for 5 rounds from 10 reps to 5 reps decending
~Power jacks (Shooting Stars)
~Plank jacks 
~Pop jacks

YHC then took the PAX on a scenic route to show them where the bridge runs through it (i.e. the woods). They had never noticed it or discovered it before 🙂 Said bridge relocates the PAX to the far end of the football field for the Deconstructed Burpee Ladder. Like a portal to another world. 

Mosey to bear crawl hall and partner up. YHC had strategically placed 8 5-gallon buckets filled with sand for one PAX to carry down and back while second PAX perform Fast Feet Squares of Death (which take major coordination and calf endurance)
~Bucket carry – Down and back
~Fast feet square – think 4 square inside, outside, inside, up, outside, inside, back, outside, inside (repeat triple time)

Mosey to bleachers with partner 
~Box jumps (1 set of 20)
~Bunny hops (1 set of 20)

Final sprint down lunge lane to take PAX over 600 calorie mark. All survived. Back to circle. 


“You either win or you learn. You only lose if you quit!” Accept that failures and setbacks are part of the learning process of life. If you’re willing to stay determined, be disciplined, and keep getting up when you get knocked down, you will be able to achieve your goals. 

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