F3 Medal of Honor

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  • When: 11/21/2018
  • QIC: Bada Bing
  • The PAX: Zamboni (respect), Papa Smurf (double respect), Kodak, Knuckles, Airbags (respect), Mr Yuck, Yard Sale (respect), Bullwinkle

YHC showed up to the Badlands on a chilly November morning thankful for many thangs, but specifically thankful the YHC was joined by 8 other PAX ready to go to battle as brothers. YHC had been overcome with wonder after watching the new Netflix special “Medal of Honor” and wondered how a man could risk his own life to save the lives of his brothers in combat…The answer, love and courage. The Medal of Honor 🏅 is the ultimate form of courage on the battlefield and is earned the hard way. Today someone would earn the F3 Medal of Honor. First, YHC asked the PAX a simple question…Can anyone tell YHC the F3 Credo? We got the answer by way of Kodak and Papa Smurf piecing it together…”Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you find him.” We would not be leaving anyone behind today, that is for sure. YHC then explained to the PAX, “It’s been said that pain and suffering build F3 fellowship so today I’ll try to give you as much “fellowship” as you can handle.” 

Medal of Honor 🏅 : The highest US military decoration, awarded by Congress to a member of the armed forces for gallantry and bravery in combat at the risk of life above and beyond the call of duty. 


  • 20 SSH IC
    • 60 second lap (long loop)
  • 20 Michael Phelps IC
    • 60 second lap (long loop)
  • 20 Reacher IC
    • 60 second lap (short loop)
  • 20 Hillbilly’s IC
    • 60 second lap (short loop)
  • 20 Mountain Climbers IC

The Thang

Scout Run– Sort of like an Indian Run but in this case the Point Man sprints 20 steps ahead then backpedals to the back of line. Took this to the back turf field. 

<<mummblechatter about this turning into Run Day 2.0>>

PAX arrive at back field for military Fit Test

  • Max BB sit-ups in one minutes (partner holding feet)
  • Max push-ups in one minutes (together)

PAX mosey through the woods to the Block Wall/Bleacher area for Barracks Bombing:

Wall sit, until Barracks bombing starts. Run from wall to bleaches for 25 Tri-Dips >> 25 Derkins; >> 25 Power Jacks all while Army Crawling halfway back and then running a loop around wall returning to bleachers for sets two and three. 

Football Field Ammo Runners

Partner Up. The exercises and reps are: 50 – Burpees / 100 – Mountain Climbers / 200 – Squats

While one partner is performing exercises, partner 2 is running to recover golf balls aka ammo to resupply the front line. Team who collects the most golf balls wins. YHC notes that PAX Knuckles is sprinting while avoiding gun fire…a good soldier. Ultimately, I think Mr. Yucks team won with 10 golf balls. 

PAX mosey to Bear Crawl Hall  for a Last Stand 

YHC had strategically placed 50-60lb buckets of sands for this exercise. The point: Make a last stand against the enemy within you that wants to quit. 

  • P1:Burpees >> P2:Farmers Walks the Bucket (down and back bear crawl hall – switch with partner and repeat)
  • P1:Bucket Squats >>P2:Sprints (down and back bear crawl hall – switch with partner and repeat)

PAX mosey to corner for Ollie Norths – Partner Carry – Rescue Mission

All PAX would carry their partner until we made it back to Old Faithful. 


Turns out we ran about 2.94 miles, burned 595 calories and did a ton of exercises all in 45 minutes.

Once back at the circle YHC awarded the symbolic F3 Medal of Honor to one soldier who had consistently gone above and beyond for his comrades…That PAX was Knuckles (somehow the 🏅 would not fit over his afro). Needs to be mentioned that Kodak also served valiantly. 

Bravery doesn’t mean you’re not scared, it means you go anyway. It’s said that love for one’s brothers is the main motivating factor in medal of honor winners and disregard for self.

Romans 12:9-10 Let love be genuine. Abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good. Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor. 

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