Set High Expectations

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  • When: 03/13/19
  • QIC: Zamboni
  • The PAX: GNC, Happy Feet, Skimp, Yard Sale (respect), Dollar Bill, Blow Out, Rudy, Bada Bing, Copperhead, Duck (double respect), Pom Pom

YHC arrived early to find our AO blocked by TPC Volunteer cones.  Thinking quickly we moved the AO to the next parking lot.  Who says F3 guys are all brawn and no brain?  11 other PAX found the new AO.  We started without too much chatter in the beginning.



Bear-Muda Triangle

11’s For The Legs – Monkey Humpers, Run, Bobby Hurley’s, NUR Back

50% Mucho Chesto – All 25 Merkins, Run there and back, Rinse and Repeat 4X

5m Endurance Tabata – 20s On/10s Off – Alternate Burpee and Air Squat

6 Minutes of Mary – 30s each of LBC, Reach Plank, RT Toe Touch, LT Toe Touch, Superman, Flutter

Wrap-up discussion was on planning a Q that is hard for everybody.  It makes people want to come back for more.  If you start thinking you need to make your Q easy, we came up with a new “phrase of the month” to remember…”F-That”.

PRAYERS – for the Bada Bing Family because they were having had a bad day, Toia family for the passing of Vito  their patriarch, and all of us trying to be better everyday.


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