24 FNGs [see pics]

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30 PAX posted at UNF as the ROTC Cadet Corps collaborated with F3 for a spiritual fitness event/beatdown.

Co-Qs: Bing, Pud, Pyro, Seatdown, Twister, and Updraft.

FNGs turned F3 PAX: Pathfinder, Busted, BeepBeep, Assume the Position, Blindspot, Undercover, Roker, Frequent, Sporky, Dare, Wipeout, Commando, Po, Grunt, Snowcone, Mr Smooth, Treadmark, FreeBall, Hackjob, Taken, Ambien, Boombastic, E.T.

Beatdown in 4 parts: 

Station 1 – Triangle of Death (3 cones; burpees and bear crawls – 10 down to 1) + extra credit

Station 2 – Dora Legs (buddy teams complete 200 squats, 100 mountain climbers, 50 iron mikes and run stadium stairs in between)

Station 3 – Dora Core (200 LBCs, 100 flutter kicks, 50 American Hammers with bear crawl in between)

Station 4 – Run-Fight-Run w/ sandbags (7x 30sec rounds “ground-n-pound” with shuttle sprint in between) + super shoulders + dry docks

The Army allows/invites unit chaplains to conduct Spiritual Fitness Events to build the total Soldier, not just physical. I could think of nothing better that the F3 workout. So, I used my chaplain role to get an F3 foot in the door.

The co-Q approach was a game-changer. This allowed the cadets to get familiar with the F3 exercises and lexicon while building a good relationship with their Q. Throughout the beatdown, the Qs taught the FNGs about F3, similar to an AO launch: F3 name and origins, lexicon, values, the “six” and f3jax.com

One of the cadets texted the mumblechatter after the beatdown>>

The cadet commandant has invited F3 back before finals in April.

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