A Step Back into History

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  • When: 04/17/19
  • QIC: Drone
  • The PAX: Heisenberg, Pyro, Gekko, Bing, Snuffy, PUD

Seven pax gathered a block away from the Drone docking station for a special off-grid beatdown.  With noise restrictions in place due to sleeping neighbors and pleasantly cool weather, we embarked on a history lesson through Springfield’s colorful past.
  • Lap around block, admire future 2nd F site Strings Sports Brewery, wave to JSO
  • 20 x Don Quixote
  • 15 x Reachers
  • 5 Burpees for pax losing count
  • 10 x Diamond Merkins
The Thang – Springfield History Lesson
  • SPR founded in 1869, named for a spring of good water in a field (now W 4th St)
    • 18 x Iron Mikes
    • 6 x Broad jump burpees
    • 9 x Sumo squats
    • Repeato 4 rounds
  • Florida Zoological Gardens & Exposition opened at 1st and Laura in 1893 (zoo moved to current Heckscher location in 1920s), so in honor of the zoo’s original home:
    • 20 x Crunchy Frogs (IC) – apparently Heisenberg associates this exercise with YHC even more than with LIFO, which was a surprise
    • 20 x Monkey humpers (IC)
    • 15 x Bear squats (IC)
    • 20 x Crab cakes (IC)
    • 15 x Proud Pickles (just because, IC)
  • Henry Klutho was perhaps Jacksonville’s most famous architect in the early 1900s.  His building designs include City Hall, the Dyal-Upchurch building, the Bisbee Building (Jax’s first skyscraper, now part of the Laura St. Trio), and Engine 15, plus dozens of other well known landmarks.
    • KLUTHOs – BOMBS style, partner up
    • K – 50 Kraken Burpee (3 HRMs at the bottom of each burpee)
    • L – 100 Lt. Dans (lunge-lunge-squat)
    • U – 150 Up Straddle Hop (SSH with one leg)
    • T – 200 Thigh Master (pulsing lunge) (we made it to here)
    • H – 250 Hundreds (legs at 45 degrees, 6″ pulses with hands)
    • O – 300 Overhead claps w/ people’s chair
Sweaty Moleskin – Two takeaways:
  1. Don’t put your hope in a career or money – Henry Klutho had recognition, accolades and money, and yet he died alone and broke.  He had to split his house, which is next door to our temporary AO, into a duplex and rent out the first floor to make ends meet.  Money, career, and fame are unstable foundations to build your life on.  Invest in what will last beyond this life.
  2. Study history, especially local history.  “A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.” -Marcus Garvey (Jamaican political leader, early 1900s)
  • Trinity this Friday
  • 4th anniversary convergence 4/27 at the OG Anchor AO
  • Twitter Q/Promoter-in-Chief position available
  • Bing family situation
  • LIFO knees
  • McDreamy job
  • Pyro travel

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