Destroyer Mode

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  • When: 06/27/2019
  • QIC: Flo
  • The PAX: Bubbles, Jackie Moon, McDreamy, Gravy, Snaggle, Show N Tell, Papa Smurf, Blowout, Bada Bing, Dollar Bill, Check Please, Full Monty, Blackout, Saigon Sam, Outhouse, Ladi Da, Gump, Headline, MLK, Doink, Detour, Deuce

23 PAX where up before the enemy to learn how we make ourselves unstoppable……by deploying a tool known as “Destroyer Mode”

Deploy Destroyer Mode not only against our physical obstacles (fitness, career, etc) but also those things that are sitting on the thrown of our hearts that need to be destroyed….smashed……


Destroyer Mode – “Fight weak emotions with the power of logic; fight the weakness of logic with the power of emotion.”

  • Jocko Wilink


Seal Jax IC x10

Michael Phelps IC x10

Reacher IC x 10

Flutter Kicks IC x 10


Mosey 2 Equipment Building


Lunge to Concession Stand


Merkins while listening to Jocko’s “Destroyer Mode” from Discipline = Freedom




Toy Soldier to parking lot


Indian run to turf fields


Turf fields


Lunge to the 50 / sprint – repeat (plank to 6)


Partner – leapfrog to the 50 / sprint repeat (lbc to 6)


High crawl to the 50 / sprint (arm circles til the 6)


50 squats / sprint to the 50 / repeat


Wheelbarrow to the 50, switch partners


Flutter kick relay


Mosey to the Flag


Count – A – Rama

Name – A – Rama

Announcements –

7/13 – 2 year anniversary of Badlands

Need new social chair for Q3


Welcome FNGs, Jackie Moon, Tiny Bubbles


Circle Of Trust

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