“Face your fears because life demands it.”

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The Gauntlet – Boondocks 29JUN
“gauntlet” from Dutch ‘gant’ (“line”) and ‘lope’ (“course”). F3 equivalent “beatdown.”

Roll Call: Twister (Q), Cool Breeze, Eileen, Farrah&Farrah, Feud, Fixit, Heisenberg, Whip It, + 2 FNGs CabanaBoy and Mayhem.

3dF – “You face your fears, because the ***damn goal requires it.” Alex Honnold, Free Solo documentary
Likewise, we face our fears and our trials because life demands it. The world…our families…our homes…our neighborhoods are looking for men who face their fears and face their trials and lead others to do the same.
The ancient teacher, prophet, and heralded messiah – Jesus – called people to “take up your cross…” your trials, your fears, your difficulties and face them rather than run from them.
This is what F3 helps us do on a regular basis by-way of the beatdown.

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