Managing Expectations

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  • When: 10/28/2019
  • QIC: Slash
  • The PAX: Deuce, Duval (welcome back!), GNC, Full Monty (respect), Outhouse, McDreamy (respect), Air Bags (respect) and welcome Lazy Boy (double respect)

YHC’s question for the indefatigable Pax today: Are you lagging, meeting or exceeding expectations? Wise man that he is, Full Monty began to break down the answer to this question with his own questions, e.g., what are the expectations, who is setting them, etc. We picked up the conversation after the workout to which Deuce sagely added, who is holding you accountable to meet those expectations?

The catalyst for today’s discussion are the annual performance reviews now going on at YHC’s workplace. We get feedback on what is expected of us and how we’re executing against that, and we supply that to our peers as well. We hold one another accountable. It’s a wonderfully enlightening exercise. YHC encouraged the Pax to apply this to all of their relationships – wife, kids, siblings, work, and of course the SkyQ. It’s great that we set goals for ourselves, and we should, but it can be eye-opening when we ask others about their expectations for us and how we’re performing against those. Speaking of which, thanks to my boy Full Monty for the feedback on YHC’s Q today, resulting in the first-ever – as far as YHC knows – Name-A-Rama with the Pax in their cars and pulling out of the lot! Respect!

Onto the workout…

Warm-Up: Short mosey, followed by SSHs (loved the puzzled look on FNG Lazy Boy’s face when he heard “side straddle hops,” getting his first taste of F3’s unique nomenclature), Preacher Reacher (in honor of FM), Hillbillies and merkins. Onto the main event…

24 Stations – two rounds, the first consisting of 30 seconds of work with ten seconds rest, and second 10 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest. Nine burpees for a rest break in between the two rounds based on the outcome of the shuttle run, and then nine more at the end of the second round of stations. Outhouse seemed genuinely dismayed that we did NOT have time for beep test burpees…

The stations:

• Burpees
• Plank
• Low Plank
• Shuttle Run (moving golf balls between buckets; burpees for any balls still left)
• Side plank left leg raised
• Side plank right leg raised
• Jump Rope
• Mountain Climbers
• Balls to the Cement Light Pole (not quite as alliteratively catchy at balls to the wall)
• Slam Ball
• Groiners
• Plank Jacks
• Derkins
• Brickins
• Monkey Humpers
• Hellooooo Dolly
• Flutter Kicks
• Manmakers
• LBCs
• Side raises with bricks
• Pulse lunges right leg forward
• Pulse lunges left leg forward
• Rapid SSHs
• Diamond merkins

We welcomed in McDreamy’s FNG with the Lazy Boy moniker (you guessed it – he’s in the furniture biz, as opposed to being an apathetic millennial), with YHC forgetting the name- and count-a-ramas. DOH! Announcements of upcoming races and the suggestion of impeaching the current Badlands social director and reinstating Air Bags. (YHC inquired about evidence of any quid pro quo involving Blackout but none came forward.) YHC brilliantly then forgot to ask for prayer requests and went straight into the closing prayer – DOH again! Forgive me, fellas, I shall try to do better next time. YHC out!

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