Rocky at Thunderdome

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  • When: 10/29/2019
  • QIC: Aquaman
  • The PAX: Updraft, Fifty Cent, Scholls, Culpepper, Doink

6 Pax posted for an Aquaman-led gloomy, muggy, and foggy Thunderdome Throwdown—Q promised a good beatdown and boy did he deliver.


Pax moseyed to the furthest and darkest reaches of the AO—Q offered up a quick message reminding us that sometimes solitude is necessary for reflection. Although the fog was heavy he reminded us the same SkyQ who made the stars also made us.

We then moseyed to one of the parking lots

The Thang:

In the AO parking lot the Pax found a nice circuit and some cheesy 80s music (mainly from the Rocky I-IV soundtracks) 😉

Pax will do 1 minute of exercise with 15 sec rest while moving to the next exercise.

Exercises were:

  • Jump rope
  • 30# Kettlebell Swing
  • Weighted quick punches (two small dumbbells and throw jabs while dancing lock Apollo Creed)
  • American Hammers
  • Side to Side Shuttle (shuffle between parking spaces moving cone from side to side)
  • 30# Kettlebell thrusters
  • Lying leg raises
  • Walking lunges with ~30# Bulgarian Bag on shoulders

Repeato 3X (plus a little extra til time was up)

Mosey back to Flag


Q spoke about the need to be forgiven and the requirement for us to forgive others.

Prayers requested for FarahandFarah’s mother who is entering hospice and will be heading Home soon. Prayers for wisdom and discernment for Scholl’s Church and planning. Prayers for understanding and overcoming worry for Doink’s 2.0 (F3Bug) who is struggling with separation anxiety. For SOC and healing, and any other prayers unspoken but on the Pax hearts.

Close with Pledge of Allegiance.

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