Step Up!

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  • When: 01/27/20
  • QIC: Gravy
  • The PAX: Detour, Gump, Dollar Bill, Duck (DR), Doink, Yard Sale (R), Inside Out (R), Copperhead, Slash (R), Squeege (R), Cold Feet, Zamboni (R), Outhouse, Mayday (R), Terminator, Bloomer

16 men joined YHC on a beautiful morning in the Badlands. The theme of the day was “Step up”. Lately we have had a gap in PAX stepping up to Q. The message was simple- If I can Q, you can Q. And once you do it enough, you can just recycle fun Qs you have already done.

Warmup- In honor of NBA Legend Kobe Bryant (#8 and #24)

SSH x 24 IC

Little Baby Arm Circles forward x 8 IC

Little Baby Arm Circles backwards x 24 IC

Reacher x 8 IC

Hilbilly x 24 IC

The Thang

Break off into 2 lines and Indian Run to the turf field. I was incredibly impressed how quickly Inside Out got the front of the line and how aggressively he pulled the emergency brake to slow the line up.

Merkin Ladder

Start at goal line and complete 1 merkin, then run to the 50.
At the 50, complete 2 merkins, then run back to the goal line.
Rinse and repeat until you get to 20 merkins.
210 Merkins complete so Outhouse could get his 200 in.
1 squat at first sideline then run to the other sideline and do 10 Big Boy Sit ups.
Rinse and repeat until you get to 10 squats and 1 Big Boy Sit Up.
55 squats and 55 BBSU
Mosey to Baseball field Parking Lot
Lung/Squat Burner
Lunge between Islands
Complete 100 Squats along the way, PAX could choose individually how they wanted to break it up as long as they got to 100 squats by Island 3.
Mosey to Flag

Announcments-Potential Friday Ruck starting up. More to come on Slack. Prayer requests taken and prayers offered.

Challenge was given again- we need PAX to step up to Q. PAX were challenged to visit SUG and fill in any gaps.

As always, it was an honor to lead.

Gravy out!

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