Getting to know Cindy!

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  • When: 02/08/2020
  • QIC: PUD
  • The PAX: Toxic, Synapse, Gekko, Hog Country, Hops, Pyro, Bowzer, Septum, D-Nice, Charmin, Big Bird, Lifo, Pick 6

3 Ruckers & 3 Runners showed up at 6am to Dolly!  YHC was happy to see 13 smiling faces as the Pax eagerly awaited to see what was in store for the Free Men’s Workout!  Some would say “you get what you pay for” but I’m sure the Pax would say they got plenty!

The call was posted on Slack (as well as a direct “Toxic Text”) to bring a Cinderblock.  Most pax were on point but a good Q is always prepared (for the Sh_t to come) and had a few extra blocks (not legos The Barry)!

CONDITIONS: Ideal for the early run and excellent for the Beatdown.


15 SSH

25 LBAC Fwd

25 LBAC Bkwd

25 Moroccan Night club

25 Wonder Bras


Every minute on the minute five Burpee‘s followed by squat thrusters (Thanks D-Nice for the call out on my initial error). Go until you reach 100 square thrusters. This took a little over 11 minutes for all pax to complete. 

Next we moved to a little bicep blast with 21’s!

  • 7 half curls up.  Start low bring 1/2 way up.
  • 7 half curls down. Start high, bring 1/2 down. 
  • 7 full curls. 
  • Run 50 yards (or so) to the flag & back. 
  • Repeated 3 times so as one of our mathematically gifted pax pointed out, we did 63 curls.

Next was block Burpee‘s.

  • 15 Block Burpees (not fun)
  • Run to the flag & back
  • Repeat three times

Next we partnered up.

  • Partner A Grabs 2 Cinderblocks and does Farmer Walk all the way the field.
  • Partner B Runs half of the circle to take the blocks back.
  • Partner A Runs the other half of the circle and grabs the blocks.
  • Rinse & Repeat Twice.
  • LBC’s for the six

flutter kicks in cadence with block overhead

Stay on six Oyo50 block presses

Toward of25 butterfly sit ups

One minute plank

25 Manny Pacquiao’s right side 25 Manny Pacquiao’s left side

Banana crunch

15 eight count absolutions

Circled up for five minutes of popcorn stretching

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