Convergence…or Not?

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  • When: 02/22/2020
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Zamboni(R), Housekeeping(R), Inside Out (R),Outhouse, Tone Deaf, Half Moon

7 Pax emerged from the warm confines of their beds to get better by pushing and prancing their way around Sunshine Park.

A planned speech concerning the AO site leader and each of the Pax’s responsibilities for growing the Pax didn’t go as planned so the Pax began the day with a gentle mosey to the opposite end of the park.

The day began with a toy soldier to the middle of the field and a circle up for the warm up.


SSH/25  Grady Corn/20 Reacher/10 Tempo Merkin/10 Flutter Kick/20  Spider-Man stretch


Black Jack 20 LBC/1 Merkin and reverse

mosey to playground

20 box jumps /lap 20 skaters/lap Usain Bolts/lap Groiners/lap(thanks IO) 20 flutter kicks/lap 20 hello dollys/lap

mosey to field: bearcrawl inchworm to mid field / karaoke back 5 burpees/ karaoke back 50% , 75%100% sprints …Apple turnover to midfield..25 SSH 10 Abe vigoda 20 flutter kicks 10 tempo merkins and that’s a wrap.

COT. BOM. Prayers for lots of people…good luck to the Spartan racers.

Service is not a feeling…it is an action.

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