When Pyramids Fail

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  • When: 02/25/20
  • QIC: Gravy
  • The PAX: Sofa, Slash (R), Mayday (R), Outhouse, Dollar Bill, Papa Smurf (DR), Airbags (R)

Perfect weather awaited 8 HIMs who showed up for a run day. Lots of Spartan mumble chatter. Apparently Scholls is a beast. YHC threw out a teaser with the posting of a picture of the 210 bridge and a pyramid.

The initial plan was to participate in Bridge Suicide pyramids (Lights 1-4 then lights 4-1).

When Airbags and Papa Smurf blew past lights 1,2, and 3 YHC decided an audible was in store.

So after a brief warmup of various stretches we moseyed to the 210 bridge and did suicides until 6:05 and then we moseyed back. All in all, 4.3 miles at a 9:23 pace.

COT: Gate River Run in a little less than 2 weeks. Wilderness run this weekend. Prayers offered for parenting, husbanding, and dealing with anger. A special prayer offered for Sofa and Bloomers Cousins daughter who is going through a scary medical ordeal.

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