The BIG 4 – Rinse and Repeat

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Day 3 of Q’s for this week.  Pax of 9 ventured into the gloom consisting of Duck, Saigon Sam, Gizzard, Check Please, Dollar Bill, Bada Bing, Outhouse, Sofa, and Wasted   – continuing to get out of comfort zone….plus half way through lent challenge…getting the boost neded….please stay healthy everyone!

1.  Side-straddle hops
2.  Michael Phelps
3.  The Merkin
4.  The Hillbilly
5.  The Reacher
6.  Little baby arm circles

7. the Shinook

8. the Squat

Mosey to the turf field…

The Thang:
The BIG 4 ….each corner of football field
1. Burpees 10
2. Merkins 20
3  Prisoner Squats 30
4. Big Boy Sit ups 40

completed 4 rotations and 1 extra burpee station = 50 burpees, 80 merkins, 120 squats, and 160 sit ups

Indian run mosey back to david park flag………..

COT (at the proper distancing guidelines):
Prayer requests

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