Dear Diary

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  • When: 6/10/2020
  • QIC: Bowzer
  • The PAX: Full Monty-Respect, Dollar Bill, Sofa, Bloomer, Gizzard, Hat trick, Guard Dog, Terminator, Airbags, Bowzer

Dear Diary, last night I was so excited YHC had a hard time going to sleep. Not only was I visiting a distant AO, but I also signed up to Q in this foreign land. IT was huge leap outside of my comfort zone.

So off I went this morning at 4:30 to find my way to Davis Park. I wish YHC had packed some raisin-ettes and a juice box for the trip. Dang it was a long ride. And gloomy? Hoo-wee bubba! Gloomy and moist.

YHC was beginning to think I was in the wrong spot but all of a sudden Pax sprouted out of nowhere and off we went.


The Warm up.

Really simple here…why waste time when biscuits are on the menu?

SSH x 10

Reachers x 10

The Thang…Part 1

We took a short mosey to an adjacent parking lot, noticing FIA’s water bottles and workout mats. Those looked comfy.

It was time for burpee biscuits! YHC set up 5 Pleasure stations and away we go!

Pleasure station 1. 3 burpees, 14 merkins, 3 burpees

Pleasure station 2. 3 burpees, 14 plank jacks, 3 burpees

Pleasure station 3. 3 burpees, 14 Bobby Hurley’s, 3 burpees

Pleasure station 4. 3 burpees, 14 BBSU’s, 3 burpees

Pleasure station 5. 3 burpees, 14 Rocky Balboa’s, 3 burpees

YHC realized that I wasn’t using my outside voice when I said “Lather, rinse and repeat” because there was some mumblechatter after each round, “Do we do it again?” “Yes!”  YHC interpreted that to mean “Dang, I love these Burpee Biscuits!! Can I have another?”

There is always more where that came from!!

Diary, after the third round, it was clear that they loved the Burpee Biscuits…but YHC was afraid they may become engorged on them. So we had a detour.

The Thang Part 2.

Dora seemed appropriate right about then. YHC instructed the Pax to partner up with someone who looked 100% different from themselves. So naturally I partnered with Guarddog, visiting from Atlanta. Let’s stop for a second. Let me paint a picture for you of Guard dog. He’s like a mountain with eyeballs. A massive towering individual standing about 6 foot 4. He was a lineman for the Bulldogs. He sort of reminded me of Heisenberg in that he had on long compression socks.

Back to the story.

Partner 1 runs about 100 yards to the 2nd light post while partner 2 completes the exercises.

100 Merkins

200 Squats

300 LBC’s (audible 150 lbc’s/150 heel taps)

Part 3

Mosey back to the flag for what I’m calling…The Circle Burp.

Each Pax completes a round robin burpee while the other Pax do SSH while they wait. Imagine a Burpee wave…

On our six for a little Protractor action.



YHC talked Q’ing for the first time at an AO I’ve never been to required me to step outside of my comfort zone but I’m glad I did. The environment we’re in seems to be placing a lot of us outside of our comfort zones.

Prayer requests for those mentioned by Airbags that have terminal illnesses. Bloomer’s retiring from the Navy!

Thanks ya’ll.

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