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  • When: 06/11/2020
  • QIC: Hat Trick
  • The PAX: Full Monty, Bloomer, Yard-Sale, Inside Out, Deuce, Mr. Gizzard, FNG (AKA Bob Ross), Guard Dog, Threepeet, Outhouse

The “DASH”

Warm up
– SSH 10
– Michael Phelps 10
– Little baby arm circles (forward) 10
– Little baby arm circles (backwards) 10
– The reacher 10
– High knees 10
– Butt kicks 10

Mosey to Bear Crawl Alley

Pearl ONE
– Step ups (Fast Feet) 20
– Balls to the wall 30 seconds
– Dips 20
– Balls to the wall shoulder press 10

Mosey to Turf Fields

Pearl TWO
– 100 yard DASH (10 Merkins)
– 100 yard DASH (10 Burpees)
– 100 yard DASH (10 Squats)
– 100 yard DASH (10 Inverted Merkins)
– 100 yard DASH (10 Lunges)
– 100 yard DASH (10 Diamond Merkins)
– 100 yard DASH (20 LBCs)
– 100 yard DASH (20 BBSU)

Mosey back to the COT

MESSAGE – We are all on this earth by God’s good graces, the start is our of our life is the DOB, from there YOU must fill in the DASH till you leave this earth. What are you doing to fill in the DASH, how are you making a difference in your life, your families lives, your friends lives and the lives of all the people in your community? Make a difference everyday and fill in YOUR DASH with something GOOD. Trust me, it will be worth it.

Prayer – Dear God,
Thank you for showing me my purpose. Thank you for letting me live this purpose daily. Thank you for my fulfillment, which offers me happiness at a deeper level. And thank you for the peace within. Amen.

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