tour de garage

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  • When: 6/17/2020
  • QIC: PUD
  • The PAX: Gekko, Flounder, Bowzer, Pyro, Eileen, Mr Woodchuck, Charmin, Zamboni

9.2 Souls took a trip Downtown. 2.2 went for a walk which included “Stagecoach” a 10 Story Garage at the foot of the Main Street Bridge.

7 embarked on a tour of parking garages.  We were met with obstacles such as locked doors, stairwells with no airflow, caution tape and tacky – wet(ish) paint.

Our feet took us to:

1) The Baptist Garage

2) The MD Anderson Garage

3) The JOI Garage (Pristine)

4) The Hampton Inn Garage (Heartbreak Hotel)

5) The Steinmart Garage (The Stein)

We ran up the stairs and down the ramps at the first 3 but found the staircase locked at HH so we ran up & took the stairs down.  The narrow staircase of The Stein is not COVID friendly so we were sure to proceed in single file fashion.  The jogged then decline & sprinted the flats.

We then returned to Friendship Fountain for Farleks.

We closed in a COT with prayers for the Johnston Family, Bowzer’s son & M, Pyro, Eileen (prayer of thanks), safe travels for Woodchuck & YHC.

1.2 continued their epic journey after the men of F3 parted ways.

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