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  • When: 06/25/2020
  • QIC: Deuce
  • The PAX: Hat trick, Dollar Bill, Gizzard, Bob Ross, Heisenberg, Outhouse, 3-peat

7PAX joined YHC on an eventful, humid morning in the gloom. (Outhouse demonstrated astrology knowledge pointing out the spaceship in orbit while bearcrawling on the turf field. Later before the return trip a few pax rescued a racoon from a trash can.)  The Q expressed thanks for having the constant presence of F3 over the last 365 days.



SSH x10 IC, LBAC F&B x10 IC, MP X10 IC, The Reacher x10 IC, LM X10 OYO, DD calf stretch x10 OYO, Merkins x10 OYO


The Thang

Indian Run to turf field. Goal 365 exercises across 365 yards – No running

  1. Bear crawl goal line to 50, stop every 10 yards for 10 merkins.
  2. Crawl Bear 50 to opposite goal, stop every 10 for  10 squats.
  3. InchWorm to 50, every 10 yards 10 BBS.
  4. Lunge to opposite goal line, every 10 yards 10 Hello Dolly.
  5. Crab walk to 25 yard line – 25 plank jacks, army crawl to 50, 25 SSH, duck walk to opposite 25, 25 FK, alligator walk to goal line, 25 bobby hurleys
  6.  Burpee walk, 1 burpee every yard to 30 (modified for time.)

Mosey back, every light pole 5 merkins, 7 total light poles. 


Prayers offered for those affected by Covid-19 and for healing in our country over racial issues. Convergence on July 4 at Boondocks. Thanks for the last 365 days!

PS The Q had refreshing recovery drinks ready for the pax but forgot all about them so they were passed on to the HN crew. You’re welcome. 

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