Camp Gladiator?

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  • When: 07/11/2020
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Tone Deaf, Housekeeping(R), Inside Out(R), Yard Sale(R), ThreePeat(R),Zamboni(R), Birdhole(R)

7 healthy Pax and one slightly injured Q showed up for a hot and humid Saturday morning stroll in the park.  A burpee twisted back kept the Q from participating in some exercises (most) but the Pax was very accommodating. The Q misremembered his speaker so the pax was burdened with the grunting and groaning of Respecters breezing throughout the Q! Maybe there’s something to this music after all.


SSH•15/Reacher•15/Flutter Kick•15/mountain climbers•20/AST•20/Hillbillies •20/LBACF/B•20 Morrocan Night Club •20

FRANKENSTEIN/Karaoke/50% run over and back followed by Merkins/Mt climbers/LBC’s. 20 each side

Mosey to Playground

10 pull ups. Lap/ 20 box jumps / lap/ 30 squats / lap 40 flutter kicks/ lap

mosey to field

indian bear crawl the width of field and back.

red Barchetta • 3

finish with Ciabatta


Prayers for Wanda and MC Dreamy’s healing…also for those who weren’t able to post this morning…pray for our country and physical and spiritual healing . Always a pleasure to participate.


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