Remember to Pause

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  • When: 08/03/20
  • QIC: Deuce
  • The PAX: Dollar Bill, 50 Cent, Bullwinkle, Zamboni, Peg, GI Joe

6 pax joined YHC on a not at all rainy or windy Monday. A simple message offered and disclaimer given to “modify as needed” as the Q is not a professional.

Message: Remember to Pause, before acting. 


SSH x10 IC

Bat Wings – LBAC F X20, LBAC B X20, Seal Claps x20IC, Overhead claps x20IC 

Reacher x10 IC


DD Calf stretch OYO

Mosey Grass Football Field

Partner Up (1s and 2s)

Field 1. 

Start on Chest 4X chest to ground 10 yards

Sprint 40 yards

5 burpees

Bear Crawl 1st cone, Crawl Bear 2nd cone

5 merkins

4X chest to ground 10 yards

Sprint 40 yards

Switch – Partner does 20 plank Jacks / 20 chilly jacks

Inchworm Bear Crawl Indian Run to Field 2 (ONLY ABOUT 50 YARDS)

Same Partners

Alternate sprints Chest to ground/ exercise

5X 10 yard sprints- Mtn Climbers

4X 20 yard sprints – Flutter Kicks

3X 30 yard sprints – Shoulder taps/butt kicks

2X 40 yard sprints – BBS

1X 50 yard sprint – Air drama (squat heel raise)

Mosey back to field 1 and repeat first “Shuttle Run”

Mosey back to flag

Bring Sally Up/down(Moby song “Flower)  -merkins up/down 


Prayers offered for Zamboni’s father in law –  recent passing on 4/15 and birthday today, prayers for those affected by Covid -family,caregivers and frontline workers

Events – 9/12 Run with HT for virtual Boston Marathon bridge run and event details in the works from Bloomer regarding 9/11 Memorial event same day.

Message Take time to pause

When we live in an unconscious, automated way, we become the product of our environment. We react, rather than respond. Pausing gives you space to:

  • Prevent you from acting on anger or other destructive impulses that ruin relationships and lives.
  • Break bad habits
  • Find clarity about what’s really going on
  • Make wiser decisions based on the needs of the moment
  • Re-align your actions in life to your core values
  • Think less, worry less, and be more

Reacting without thinking is easy – it’s the path of least resistance. Pausing is harder – it’s a skill that needs to be trained, a virtue to be developed.

Thanks for having me


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