Consistently Persistent

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  • When: 08/27/20
  • QIC: Left Turn
  • The PAX: Wasted, Saigon Sam, Sofa, Gizzard, Shirley, Flo

Welcome to a great Thursday! 7 HIM joined the HN AO to take part in a nice little beatdown.

The theme of the day was consistency and persistency.

Consistency = unchanging in nature, standard, or effect over time

Persistent = continuing to exist or endure over a prolonged period of time

A major key to success is being persistently consistent or continuing to do the same thing despite it being hard.


Warmup – General and specific, let’s ease into

Limp Member – OYO

The Reacher in Cadence

The Hill Billy in Cadence

The Side Straddle Hop in Cadence

Iron Cross in Cadence

Scorpion in Cadence

Downward Dog OYO

Chest Stretch R/L

Bottom of Squat OYO

Toy Soldier in Cadence

The Thang

20 Min EMOM

Minute Breakdown (pick a rep number and stick to it)

  • Burpees
  • Thrusters
  • Burpees
  • Ground to Over Head

Cool Down

  • Walk
  • Stretches


What do you need to be consistently persistent with in your life?

Count o rama / Name o rama / COT

Prayers for Flo’s brother in law, Wasted’s employees family, Bada Bing, and for our country. We pray we consistently and persistently pursue you Lord.



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