IPC Practice

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  • When: 09/21/20
  • QIC: Full Monty
  • The PAX: Wasted, Faceplant, Bloomer, Dollar Bill, Squirt (R), Shirley (R), Gizzard, Three Peat (R), Duece, Bullwinkle (R), Yard Sale (R), Outhouse, Sofa, AirBags (R), Terminator

15 PAX joined YHC, who was in a joyful but grumpy (is that possible) mood on a beautiful morning ITG at Badlands. A nice breeze and lower humidity made for a good day to get after it. I had planned my attack and then read @Saigon Sam’s post about week 4 of the IPC. Curiousity got the best of me as I looked at the plan on the F3 Greenwood site and immediately developed another plan in my head…an IPC Primer! The reason for the grumpiness was self inflicted as I had forgot to remove my rain soggy shoes and socks from Saturday’s @Dollar Bill festivities at Hard Nocs. Smelly, stinky…whatever name you want to get from it…blasting down Nocatee Parkway at 5:00am didnt seem to do much good either…oh well! Sorry, not sorry for the adherence to the F3 protocol…F3 protocol are established for your protection… Aye! I’ll be in a better mood Wednesday…the car already smells fresh! Always a pleasure to lead, thanks for coming out…props to those who doubled down!

Warm – O – Rama

SSH X 10 – IC

Hillibillies X 10 – IC

Reachers X 10 – IC

Limp member – OYO

Michael Phelps X 10 – IC

Morrocan Nigh Clubs X 10 – IC


The Thang

Mosey to Soccer fields stopping periodically to work on some abs…

Every round started at the goal line.

10 Burpees
Broad jump 25 yds
25 merkins
Broad jump back
Plank for 6

10 burpees
Lunge to 50
25 w merkins 25 diamond merkins
Lunge back
Plank for 6

10 burpees
Lunge 25 yd Bear Crawl 25, lunge 25
75 plank jacks
Mosey back

10 burpees
Broad 25, lunge 25, bear crawl 25, broad jump 25
50 flutter kicks, 50 lbs
Backwards to goal
Plank for 6

Native American run to ball fields…more cardio and then mosey to the flag


@Bloomer has posted an F2 schedule…pick your date and plan the place!

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