Killer B’s

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  • When: 11/14/20
  • QIC: Extinguisher
  • The PAX: Extinguisher, Scholls, Farah and Farah, Fix-it, Green Eggs, Loudmouth, Doink, Aquaman, Mcfly, Rainman, Botched, Bearded Lady, Strongman, Crash, Cheeze, Swiper

16 Pax braved the muggy conditions at Boondocks for the Cindy  Killer B beatdown. Welcomed FNG Swiper.


10 Star Jacks OYO

15 LBAC fwd, bckwrd, Seal claps and T-claps IC

15 Reachers IC

15 Don Quixotes IC

Grab Cindy and mosey to turf field and line up at goal line

The Thang

10 Burpee jump overs

Bear n Block(bear crawl while dragging block) to 25yd line

10 Burpee jump overs, 20 Bay City Scissors (flutter kick 1,2 with scissor kick 3,4 count as 1 rep)

Crawl Bear n Block to 50 yd line

10 Burpee j/o, 20 Bay City Scissors,  30 Bicep curl Press

Backward Lunge w/block to 25yd line

10 burpee j/o, 20 Bay City Scissors, 30 Bicep Curl Press, 40 Butt Lift(pickle pumps feet on block)

Murder Bunnie to goal line

10 burpee j/o, 20 BCS, 30 BCP, 40 BL, 50 Baryshnikov Squats

Wanted to go back down ladder but due to time constraints had Pax Rifle Carry coupon to Pavilion

Round 2

Dirty Dozen AMRAP

12 Pull ups

12 Merkins

12 Turkish Get-ups

12 Thrusters

12 Box Jumps

12 Plank Jacks

12 Bonnie Blairs

12 Carolina Dry Docks

12 Prisoner Squats

12 Box Cutters

12 Groiners

12 Apollo ONO Burpees

12 Triceps Dips




Announcements: Xmas Party, Trinty rescue mission

Prayer Request: Ryan teenager battling cancer about to receive bone marrow transplant; My 2.0 for guidance

Message about “Thorns” the things that we carry and allow it to disrupt our lives and move away from the word of God.







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