Zoom Hair!

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  • When: 11/21/2020
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Lil Smurf, Half Moon OG, EPT, Home Alone, Wrangler, Tone Deaf(r), Outhouse(r), Bullwinkle(r), Inside Out(r),

The beach crew sometimes rolls of bed a little late because they know that 10 extra burpees help them get in better shape.

So, a few guys posted with Zoom hair, or bus stop hair, as we sometimes call it. Whatever the look, they were ready to conquer the day.

And here was the day….

Make sure you can smell or you won’t be Q’ing.

Warm up

Line up on yellow line:

Shuffle facing East to the 50 and shuffle back facing west …10 SSH


10 SSH

50 % run forward run backwards.

10 SSH


SSSH•20 MP•20 Reacher •10 hillbillly•10 Hello Dolly•10 Flutter kick •10

Bearcrawl of Pain:

20 out. 20 merkins 20 back 20 big boy sit ups

15 out 15 merkins 15 back 15 big boy sit ups

10 out 10 merkins 10 back 10 big boy sit ups

Mosey one lap around 

Run the width of the field :::

Side plank raises 21(heretofore Miss Americas)

Run back. 20 big boy sit ups

Run back. 19 merkins run back 18 flutter kicks.  Down to 1…

Half court. Lt Dan Taylor’s. 4 lunges. 1 burpee. 8 lunges 2 burpees.

Mosey to the playground.

10 box jumps 10 skaters 10 squats. Lap around the park

Rinse and repeat.

close with ciabatta

COT BOM prayers

Always a good time laughing and getting after it.

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