“Blue” Thanksgiving @ The VET

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17PAX posted in the pre-gluttony gloom: Updraft, Aquaman, Fixit, Tazz, Twister, Ollie, Butcher, Extinguisher, Loudmouth, Amphibian, Bigbird, Doink, McFly, Scholls, Macho Libre, Hammer (transplant from KC), and MeowMix (FNG).

We maintained a socially distant beatdown while racking-up “deficit calories” in preparation for the day’s follow-on feasting and festivities.

The Beatdown. 
This pearls-on-a-string funfest started with burpees and ended with a gasser, involving 45min of joy in between.
Many are familiar with Blue Christmas. However, today’s PAX were introduced to a Blue Thanksgiving. The highlight was the 3:39min round of Blue Burpees which required the PAX to do a burpee every time they heard the word “blue” during the popular 90’s song of the same name by the band Eifel65 (30 burpees interspersed with SSHs, Bonnie Blairs, and T-claps).

A few brave or insane HIMs completed a Triple Down which bookended the 0700 beatdown with a 2.7mi run on each end.





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