No Plan B

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  • When: 11/28/2020
  • QIC: Flo
  • The PAX: PruneTang, Saigon Sam, Deuce, D-Day, Sofa, Bada, Left Turn, Brown, Extra Credit, Hat Trick, Valdez, DB, Terminator

No Plan B

Want to make success the only option in whatever you endeavor; eliminate the plan B.

Warm Ups

Merkin Ladders while moseying to fields
50, 20, 19, etc….run for 30 seconds in between…eventually get to the soccer fields…

Repeat above with big boy sit-ups running the length of the soccer field in between

Flutter Kick Relay

Burpee 2 Broad Jump the length of the field

Single Leg Bridges 50

Run the field


25 pull ups

50 Squats

4 sets of 50 yard sprints back to the flag

Static stretches



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