Be Thankful for What You Got!

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  • When: 11/09/2020
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Home Alone, Savage(r),Outhouse(r),three peat(r), inside out(r)

Some nights are better slept than others. Those voices in your mind that just don’t stop.
“Why is this happening?”
“Why didn’t he …?
“What’s wrong with her?
“I’ll never be…
And then you remember the third F of F3…Faith…in something greater than ourselves…that we are not in charge and all that we need is faith the size of a mustard seed to endure whatever it is that life gives us. Because life is hard…unless …we…have…faith.
And we are thankful for what we have.
6 Pax attacked the frozen tundra with maximum enthusiasm and minimal grumbling. A gentle mosey to the south end zone and then a little Toy Soldier to the circle to start the day.
MESSAGE: “what’s often easy isn’t important and what’s often important isn’t easy.”
“ anybody know the core value for December?”
Discipline equals Freedom”

Warm Up:
SSH•20/ •10/ Bat Wings 20 LBAC F•B• 20 seal claps•20 overhead claps• 4 count in cadence
Ballerina Squats•20 in cadence
Alarm clock head and heals touch the ground. Hop up•10 OYO
REACHER•10/AST•10/Mt climbers •10 Flutter kicks •10


Mosey to tennis court.

Ascending Testicles : 5 derkins @15 degrees/ 5 derkins @45 degrees 5 derkins @ 90 degrees.
20 flutter kicks. Rinse and repeat.

First and 10
Run 10 yds…1 burpee/10 merkins. Run to end. Mosey back to 20. 2 burpees 9 merkins. Run to the end. Mosey back to the 30. 3 burpees 8 merkins. Until complete

AIKEN LEGS. 20 squats 20 box jumps 20 lunges 20 split jacks.
25 flutter kicks in cadence. 10 merkins in cadence.

COT BOM. Prayers for Rick and his family. Sometimes you win the night and other times the night wins you.

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