Last Monday of 2020 – Genesis

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  • When: 12/28/2020
  • QIC: Hammer
  • The PAX: Matlock, Savage (R), Updraft (R), Farahandfarah (R x 2), Toxic (R x 2), Charmin, Hammer

The last Monday of 2020 was extra gloomy with a heavy blanket of fog.   It was HYC first time at Genesis and it start off with the truck getting stuck in the sand as the HYC missed the parking lot.  Glad there was some float in the schedule and everything was on time.

Time to end the last Monday of 2020 by kicking it firmly in the balls.  The PAX did just this morning.

Warm Up:

Short Mosey

Little Baby Arm Circles, IC x 15, each direction

Moroccan Night Clubs,  IC x 20

Imperial Walkers, IC x 10

Grass Grabbers, IC x 10

Willy Mayes Hayes, IC x 10

Hammer Flow

The Thang:

25 yards of lunges

Modified Dora –

100 LBC

100 American Hammers

100 Jump Squats

While rotating with partner, run 45 yards

Intermention –

25 yards of long jumps or whatever jump you got

Back with 25 yards of lunges

Bring it back –

Modified Dora –

100 Big Boy Sit Ups

100 Freddie Mercury’s

100 Bonnie Blairs (each leg is one.)

Mosey back to the parking  lot.

10 Minutes of Merry – Each Pax lead one.  With Charmin and Toxic leading two.  Thanks gentlemen for helping the Q out.


Not too many announcements

Prayers for the pax with COVID.

Thanks for letting HYC lead today.  Enjoyed meeting the PAX.  Also very impressed that the Respect’s outnumbered the whipper snappers and where all studs.


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