2020 Final Beatdown at The VET

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12 PAX finished out 2020 with an overtime beatdown at The VET: 50¢ent, Charmin, Culpepper, Doink, Hammer, Jumanji, Loudmouth, McFly, Rainman, Twister, Updraft, and FNG – Belding.

The beatdown followed a “Top 10 Countdown” of 2020 beatdowns at Boondocks, Thunderdome, and The VET with props to associated Qs, respectively. See  weinke pic.

We finished with the word “resolve” during COT. Resolve means to be determined in a course of action. Our families – M & 2.0s, our friends, our co-workers, and our communities need men of resolve. Jocko Willink says it this way, “Prioritize and execute; focus on the biggest problem that will have the most positive impact, then do that.” 
What resolve is needed in your life in 2021?

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