There is no I in team.

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  • When: 1/9/2021
  • QIC: Bowzer
  • The PAX: Hey Big Papi-DR, Toxic-DR, Xenu-R, Short Horn, Screwdriver, Lifo, Pud, Heisenberg, Chubby Hubby-R, Bernie-R, SAVAGE-R, Synapse-DR, Floppy, Bowzer-R

When YHC realized that he had the Q for Saturday two thoughts went through his illustrious hair laden head. 1. It’s my sister’s birthday and 2. What should be done.

So a poll was posted with 3 simple questions. 1. Do something with cinderblocks, 2. Pearls on a string or 3. Make it up as we go.

A total of 8 responded 7 really because Bing had no intention of showing up. Way to tamper with the votes. So his vote was immediately invalidated and tossed. With 4 votes for Make it up as you go and 1 vote for use cindy’s (that was Pud btw)

the die was cast!

YHC was honored and truly blessed that Hey Big Papi was in attendance and he stayed the entire duration of the 60 minute beatdown. Bets were made that at the 45 minute mark we would hear “This is bullshit” and watch him slink off. Two things….1. We did hear lot’s of “This is bullshit” and 2. Hey Big Papi don’t slink. NO SIR!

Time was called, disclaimers were made and off we go.

Warm up.

47 maybe 48 Hillbillies in honor of my sisters 47th birthday. Maybe 48 because all of the mumblechatter non sense was going on. (Faulty leadership criticism starting in the HBP camp)

Reachers- a decent amount.

LBAC forward and back

Moroccan Night clubs

Wonderbra-with a lemon squeeze on “Push em out.”

The Thang 1

Dora 1,2,3

Partner up. (A lot of of grumbling from HBP….sounded like insurrection. I had a plan for him.)

100 Block curls

200 Weighted squats

300 Dance hall girl Flutterkicks.

The Thang 2

Counted off by 1’s. Didn’t make sense at all so then we counted off by 4’s. Group leaders were chosen and I happened to be in HBP’s group so I nominated his big ol ass. Mosey to the fountain area. (avoid eye contact with the statue)

The leader for each group was responsible for choosing the exercise that would take place each round in that corner. YHC decided that 20 reps seemed fair. So the exercises in no particular order were:






Carolina Dry docks



Step ups

Jump in the square type thing

Sumo Squats


Various modes of transportation betwixt corners were announced.

It was in the midst of this that HBP, known for his words of encouragement and brotherly love uttered the following. “Hey Heisenberg, there is no I in team. But there are 3 U’s in Shut the F@ck Up!” Not sure what sparked that impromptu proverb, but YHC made a note of it. And stayed clear of him.

At some point between all his bitching and moaning about this Bullshit beatdown being made up, HBP eeked out that Murder bunnies were in order…so back to the blocks for Birthday Murder Bunnies.

Again to honor Karen’s 47 birthday we did 47 of those wonderful gifts from the Iron Pax…..We still had time so….4 minutes of Mary where YHC asked various pax to call out an AB exercise. Bernie’s turn was called and he said BURPEES. That nonsense was shut down quickly since burpees are not an AB exercise. BUT…….we still had time so to finish Circle Burps. We squeezed in 8. YHC’s attempt to appease Bernie.




Needs for Trinity, utensils, bowls, grits and oatmeal.

My 2.0 is moving to Boulder and I want to drive out with him to get him settled.

Message….yes this beatdown was largely made up, however the PAX did it together. If it sucked, it was because we made it suck together. Life is not meant to be lived alone. Great Iron Sharpening Iron went down.




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