Hank Brings Down the Hammer at Asgard

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  • When: 01/27/2021
  • QIC: Feud
  • The PAX: Roddy, Big Bird, Sasquatch, Drumstick, Feud

5 HIM of Fleming Island gathered at Asgard wondering where the heck is our Q?  YHC was running a bit behind, not good when there is some minor set-up to do.  He did arrive in time and the pax were off.  Due to his near tardiness, the warm-up consisted of the pax moseying around as YHC with the help of Drumstick set up the field. 

Being a huge Atlanta Braves fan, YHC was sadden by the news of the loss of Henry Aaron.  He immediately tried to think of a beatdown to honor the former home run king, but with all the Q’s taken (which is a good thing) he thought his opportunity had passed.  When Crotchless had to cancel this week, YHC jumped on the opportunity, but of course that meant he had to come up with something.  Luckily for him, Extinguisher had a similar idea and executed it at Thunderdome earlier this week.  So, YHC “borrowed” this beatdown with a small wrinkle.

The Thang

Three stations of exercises, with each exercise representing a year in Hank Aaron’s career, and the rep count equaling the number of home runs Hammerin Hank hit.  At the conclusion of each station, the pax performed a home run mosey around the bases before proceeding to the next station.

Station #1

  • 1954- 13 Burpees
  • 1955- 27 Box Jumps
  • 1956- 26 Merkins
  • 1957- 44 Mtn Climbers (ct one leg)
  • 1958- 30 LBC’s
  • 1959- 39 Tricep Dips
  • 1960- 40 Bobby Hurleys

Station #2 (coupons) 

  • 1961- 34 Chest Press
  • 1962- 45 Bicep Curls
  • 1963- 44 Goblet Squats
  • 1964- 24 Man maker Merkins
  • 1965- 32 Quad Busters (16 each leg)
  • 1966- 44 Deadlifts
  • 1967- 39 Flutter Kicks (ct one leg)
  • 1968- 29 Leg Lifters

Station #3

  • 1969- 44 Shoulder Taps
  • 1970- 38 Seal Jacks
  • 1971- 47 Lunges (ct each leg)
  • 1972- 34 Groiners
  • 1973- 40 Freddy Mercury’s
  • 1974- 20 Hand Release Merkin
  • 1975- 12 Apollo Burpees
  • 1976- 10 Pull-ups


YHC found Tommy Lasorda and Hank Aaron as great ambassadors to the game of baseball.  Their love of the game was amazing.  Hank, having played during the era of segregation, demonstrated tremendous restraint. There are stories of him, the MVP of his team and of the league, having to sit on a bus and have his teammates bring him his meals because the restaurant only served whites.  Despite his treatment outside the lines, he did not retaliate.  Maybe he knew that hate begets hate, and violence begets violence; however, love conquers all.  Let’s go out and love one another and our fellow countrymen. 


  • Roddy’s M for upcoming biopsy and favorable outcomes
  • YHC’s prayer buddy Phil and his wife Cindy, both suffering from COVID with Phil in the ICU at OPMC
  • Continued prayers for Talen
  • Continued prayers for Crotchless and family battling COVID
  • Kraken Feb 20th
  • Prayers
  • Pledge

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