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Fear has two meanings, Forget everything and run, or face everything and rise. The choice is yours!

The Pax included Zamboni, Yard Sale, Badda Boom, and Carl,

Shuffle back-and-forth 50 yards 4 Burpee‘s
Skip back-and-forth 50 yards 4 Burpee’s
Run forward 50 yards run backwards 50 yards 4 4 Burpee’s. Toy soldier to the COT.

Seal jacks, Michael Phelps, the reacher, hillbilly, surrenders, Four sets of side straddle Hops in cadence and 4 Burpee’s.

4 sets ….Sprint 50 yards 10 Burpee ‘s, sprint back 50 yards 10 Burpee ‘s, 20 Merkens sprint 50 yards, 20 Merkens Sprint 50 yards, 30 jailhouse squats sprint 50 yards, sprint 50 yards 30 jailhouse squats, 20 big boy sit ups sprint 50 yards 20 big boy sit ups sprint 50 yards.

Three sets… 10 plankjack, 20 Durkin, 30 dips, 40 mountain climbers, 10 American hammers, mosey back to the COT.

A round of roll the dice and then unbelievable ab work led by Zamboni. Thank you Zamboni. We finished off with some 11s release Merkins and big boy set ups.

Prayers for all. Thank you Men for showing up enjoy being with you.

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