Finish it…..

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  • When: 03/11/2021
  • QIC: Flo
  • The PAX: Mulligan, Felony, GNC, Shirley, PruneTang, Thumper, Sofa, Gizzard, Saigon Sam, Outhouse

F3 Finish

What is in front of you you need to finish?

Focus at finishing the task at hand….

Finish the full body workout Bloomer restarted yesterday…..focus today on push / press upper, pull lower

Finish the task at hand

Warm Ups

50 Merkins
50 dirty dogs

3×15 Deadlift
3×15 push ups

Negative resistant hamstring curls / press ups

Carry Coupon

Traveling lunges with coupon (switch half way)

50 Merkins

Glute Bridge – 10
Presses – 10
Rotate down to 8,6,4,2

Lunge with Coupon (switch half way)

Isometric / eccentric presses and deadlifts

Back to Circle carrying coupon bear hug style

50 Merkins

Finish, what in your life is unfinished, the coupon represents what you are leaving undone

Lord please forgive us for what we have left undone, and give us the courage to finish it

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