Nautical Mile Challenge

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  • When: 03/09/2021
  • QIC: Drumstick
  • The PAX: Feud, Crotchless, Sasquatch, BigBird, Roddy

A brisk Tuesday morning awoke the PAX of Asgard.  The YHC had planned a nautical adventure today, with new ideas and challenges.

Warm Up


Don Quixote’s

Arm circles forward/backwards

Michael phelps

Main Event

A nautical mile is 6076 feet, compared to a standard mile of 5280 feet.  The PAX had the Nautical Mile challenge, placed in front of them consisting of the following components.

1/4 mile run,  50 merkins.

1/4 mile run,  50 air squats

1/4 mile run,  50 Bobby Hurley’s

1/4 mile run, 10 Kraken Burpees

Then we grabbed our Cindy’s and went for an 800 feet walk/run to finish up the main event.

Second Course

In the spirit of being Nauti, it was planned out for understanding the Tidal Cycle. High tide/Low tide occurs every 12 hours,  so for Low tide 12 reps of LBC’s then for High Tide 12 reps of Overhead presses with our Cindy’s. 3 Rounds were partaken in.

We continued our Nautical theme and in honor of our Local Naval presence, the YHC quizzed the PAX if anyone knew which Aircraft Carrier was last stationed at Naval Station Mayport. Feud guessed Saratoga and the YHC stated it was CVN 67 John F. Kennedy. So we commenced to complete 67 reps, broken down into 4 segments

20 Merkins

20 Birth Canal’s

20 Chest Presses (Cindy’s)

7 Burpees

Having some time left, the YHC allowed the PAX to choose a round to complete to compliment our workout.

Upon those being down, YHC suggested we mosey around the parking lot, and then it turned into an Indian Run for the finale.

COT was commenced with 6 Pax for the beatdown

Prayer Requests:


Feud’s family

Drumstick’s father

and a several others that were mentioned and unspoken.



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