Station Work

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  • When: 05/10/2021
  • QIC: Slash
  • The PAX: D-Day, Sushi, Deuce, Snowden (respect), Warhead (respect), Penguin, House Party, Mulligan, Air Bags (respect), Bada Boom (respect), Re-Stitch

Stations were the order of the day given YHC’s no-running decree. While Snaggle was not present to wax on about The Ohio State University, Sushi did his best to aggravate YHC by wearing a Tennessee Volunteer shirt. YHC was tempted to respond in kind with 50 burpees but the slate was already full… Off we went.

• Big Baby Arm Circles
• Shin pulls
• Toy Soldiers
• Hillbillies
• Merkins into down dog

Each station: Four exercises at each station, with 30 seconds of work for each exercise. Five seconds to transition to the next exercise. Worked out nicely as we had four groups of three men to work through the stations. Once each Pax was done with all four exercises at one station, the group moved onto the next station. We did two circuits.

Coupon: Block (manmakers)
Upper body: Merkins
Core: LBCs
Legs: Lunge pulses, left leg forward, right knee to ground

Coupon: Slam Ball
Upper body: Wide Merkins
Core: Heels to Heaven
Legs: Lunge pulses, right leg forward, left knee to ground

Coupon: Dip Bars
Upper body: Brickins
Core: BBSUs
Legs: One leg squat, right leg

Coupon: Block (manmakers)
Upper body: Derkins (feet on curb)
Core: Low Plank
Legs: One leg squat, left leg

Coupon: Weighted Bar (39 lbs) / curls for the girls
Upper body: Irkins (hands on curb)
Core: Side plank, raise right leg
Legs: Monkey Humpers

Coupon: Battle Rope — thanks to Saigon Sam for bringing out the rope.
Upper body: Hand-release merkins
Core: Side plank raise left leg
Legs: Speed skaters

Single-leg bridge with leg raise: On your back, plant right foot, raise up on toes, the raise the butt. After raising the butt, lift the left leg up as far as you can. Stay on the toes of the right foot. Raise and lower left leg 10x. Switch legs. Repeat 2x.

Fire Hydrants: 40 each leg. Surprisingly fun.

• Announcements: A bit of chaos here… Without Saigon Sam present, it was a bit random, but YHC noted the Friday haul of goods from the PV Panera Bread to Trinity Rescue Mission and the need for folks to step up and help with that… talk of forthcoming Memorial Day convergence…
• Prayers for those lost and those suffering and all thoughts kept private.

Always a pleasure to Q. Mercy, but there was some serious grunting out there today, really impressive hard work. Well done, gentleman! SYTIG!

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