V-E Day

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  • When: 05/08/2021
  • QIC: Boucher
  • The PAX: Hey Big Papi, Short Horn, Bowser, Shock Treatment, Toxic, Brexit, Pyro, Gecko, Bernie 4 Points, Pinto, Midway, Buchanan from Cleveland

Warm Up

  • SSH
  • LBACF, LBACR, Wonder Bra, Chinook
  • Reacher, Don Quixote
  • Sally Plank (Bring Sally Up = High Plank, Bring Sally Down = Low plank)  Not to be repeated at a Boucher Q
  • 10 Tardy Burpees compliments of Gecko.

The Thang

  • Run from the center of the park to stations
  • Perform station exercises
  • Run back to the center of the park

The Thang continued

  • 31 yard rail road
  • 31 yard tunnel of love
  • Circle Burp
  • Merkin Bomb

Pop Quiz





First American in Space? X Alan Shepard 7 burpees
His Mission? X Freedom 7  
How many men walked on the moon before him? X 4.  He was the 5th  
Who was the first man in space? Yuri Gagarin  
Technological Marvel happened this week in history? X 1994, the Chunnel (Tunnel under the English Channel from France to the UK) 31 Miles. 31 yards of train tracks

+ 31 yards of the tunnel of love





Germany invades Polland September 1, 1939
World War II officially begins
39 X Dips
39 X Skull Crusher
39 X Diamond Merkin
39 X Overhead Extension



June 6, 1944
The largest seaborne invasion in history.
Allied forces air drop and land in and around Normandy France
44 X Curls
44 X Military Press
44 X Kettlebell swing
44 X Burpees


Battle of the Bulge

December 16, 1944 – January 25, 1945 (50 Days)
50 X Squats
50 X Monkey Humpers
50 X Lunges  
50 X Step ups 


V-E Day

May 8, 1945
Germany unconditionally surrenders May 7, 1945
45 X LBC
45 X Freddy Mercury
45 X Flutter Kicks
45 X VE – Ups



The cost in human lives was staggering.  Almost everyone I know has a family member that served or supported the war effort.  The cost in lives for European countries was extraordinary greater than the U.S.. Click the link for all numbers
40 X Merkins (Axis Civilians 4%)
25 X Werkins (Allied Military 25%)
13 X Derkins (Axis Military 13%)
58 X Urkins (Allied Civilians 58%)







Release Year

Flower Moby 2000
Immigrant Song Led Zeppelin 1970
Spirit In the Sky Norman Greenbaum 1969
Jukebox Hero Foreigner 1981
You Shook Me All Night Long AC/DC 1980
Stacy’s Mom Fountains of Wayne 2003
Enter Sandman Metallica 1991
Glory Days Bruce Springsteen 1984
Have Love Will Travel The Sonics 1965
Lumberjack Song Monty Python 1981
You Really Got Me Van Halen 1978
8675-309/Jenny Tommy Tutone 1981
Born to Run Bruce Springsteen 1975
Black Dog Let Zepplin 1971
Love Removal Machine The Cult 1987

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