Next Man Up…

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  • When: 05/10/2021
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Allstate, Terminator,Gizzard,Dollar Bill,Sofa, Bloomer, Outhouse(R),Full Monty(r), Sandcrab(rr), FLO, Airbags(r),Inside Out(r)Saigon Sam(r)

When things go wrong….are they wrong ? Or is that just what is supposed to have happened?
Who’s to say it’s wrong? Or right?

It just is…and so it is this morning…and of course, the value for May is Next Man Up…who are you EH’ing?

Warm Up
SSH•25 MP•10 Reacher•10 •Plank Jack•10 AST•10•hello Dolly•10•flutter kick•10•Merkins•10 Spider-Man stretch. 10 count and hold..
two lines: Indian run to football field.
First and 10…run to the 10 yard line..10 merkins 1 burpee at end line…mosey jog to 20. 9 merkins 2 burpees…run to goal line…mosey jog. 30
Bear crawl 21’s(only made 11’s)
1 Merkin 2 big boy 3 merkins 4 big boys.
Indian Run to circle.
Ciabatta Merkin challenge
Merkins to failure..
COT BOM. prayers for family of missing girl…hug your wife and your kids and remember that every day is a gift…always a privilege to lead such a fine group of men.

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